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La Quinta Estación (Spanish for "The 5th season", a play on the fact that there are only four seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and fall, hence: La Quinta Estación; often spelled La 5ª Estación) were a Spanish pop/rock band composed of two musicians from Madrid: Natalia Jiménez (lead singer and harmonica) and Ángel Reyero (guitar). Pablo Domínguez (2001-2008) (guitar and bass) was the third member until his recent split. The band originated in Madrid with six members but the remaining three relocated to Mexico in 2001 after recording their first album Primera toma ("Take #1").The first album of La Quinta Estación became popular in Mexico because one of the songs (¿Dónde Irán?, "Where will they go?") w... read more