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H.E.R.R. (Heiliges Europa Römisches Reich) is a Dutch / English band that was founded in 2002 by Michiel Spapé (composer). Other core members are Miklos Hoffer (vocals/live percussion) and, from the second album onwards, Troy Southgate (vocals/live percussion/guitar). Musically, they have been described as neofolk, minimalist, Neoclassical and martial. They have achieved some distinction within those genres, particularly following the success of their second and third albums, 'The Winter of Constantinople' (2005) and 'Vondel's Lucifer: First Movement' (2006).Key H.E.R.R. idiosyncrasies include Troy Southgate wearing a striped football shirt to perform 'Hopes Die in Winter' whilst Miklos Hoffer is known to... read more