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No Talking Just Head
No Talking Just Head
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HEADS was a Japanese hip-hop/dance group from Osaka. The group consisted of:Takuya (Uehara Takuya 植原卓也) 1988年6月22日Toru (Yamashita Toru 山下亨) 1988年12月7日Kohei (Nakamura Kohei 中村康平) 1989年11月17日Ryota (Kohama Ryota 小浜良太) 1989年9月4日After entering the vocal and dance school, CALESS (キャレス), they released their debut single "screeeam!" on July 26, 2000. Their original catchphrase was ガキラッパー (gakirappa). They decided to go on hiatus for a year in April 2003. They disbanded on May 1, 2005. After disbandment, the members still continued activities in the entertainment world. Toru and Ryota went on to form the Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK.Singles:1. screeeeam!! (26 July 2000) c/w School Wars2. Goooood or Bad! (22 November 2000) c/w... read more
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