Related Information for Gavy Nj Gavy NJ 가비엔제이 is a female South Korean R&B trio. The names of their members are:No Si Hyeon (Born in 04/08/1988) (2005~)Jenny (Born in 08/04/1988) (2012~)Gunji (Born in 02/28/1992) (2012~)Former MembersJeong Hye Min 정혜민 (2005~2009)Jang Hee Yeong 장희영 (2005~2011)Misty (2009~2012)Their group name was derived from the words 가비 (Gavy) and 엔제이 (NJ). 가비 (歌妃) is to have the meaning of a "queen of song" and NJ is the initials of their last names (Noh.. read more