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white forces - EP
white forces - EP
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fripSide is a Japanese pop band. Started in 2002, fripSide is made up of two members, Yoshino Nanjo (vocal, lyrics) and sat, a.k.a. Satoshi Yaginuma (lyrics, synthesizers, composer, arrangement) Former vocalist nao graduated from fripSide March 2009. The name "fripSide" comes from the word "flipside." It's a direct reference to when one had to flip records to side B. Since Flipside was already taken by a foreign artist, Sat coined the word "fripSide." The capital S comes from Satoshi's name.fripSide had a very successful start on the indie community muzie. All three of their first albums topped their muzie's monthly shop ranking, and many of their songs had thousands of downloads. fripSide perfor... read more