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Morbus Ascendit
Morbus Ascendit
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Eternal Dirge are a Death/Thrash Metal Band from Germany (NRW,Marl).They are formed in May 1986.Last known line-up:Timo Knopf - Vocals, GuitarPethe (Patrick K.) - Guitar (Interstellar Genocide, Ninnghizhidda (Ger), Tsatthoggua, Musty Guts)Boehni (Karsten Boehnke) - Bass (Suffocate Bastard, Musty Guts)Ralf S. - DrumsSascha Risseler - Keyboards (Guest for Starseed, Despise & Conquer, Ninnghizhidda (Ger), Stormgarde)Former/past members:Hansi Z. - Guitar (1986-1989)Köster - Guitar (1989-1991) (Sabiendas)Discography:Anthem of Anxiety Demo, 1988 Finis Novissima Vox Demo, 1988 We are the Dead Demo, 1990 Morbus Ascendit Full-length, 1992 My Sweet Satan EP, 1996 Khaos Magick Full-length, 1996- german tour 1 with SINISTER 1992- germ... read more