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Chemical InsomniaKarmaGuilty DemeanorNostalgiaInternal WarfareRequiem For The IndifferentStay The CourseSerenade Of Self-destructionDeter The TyrantDeep Water HorizonAvalancheTwin FlamesMonopoly On TruthDeliriumStorm The SorrowThe FallacyCrystal MountainThe Price Of FreedomThis Is The TimeIncentiveThe Second StoneNatural CorruptionOmen - The Ghoulish MaladyReverence - Living In The HeartSense Without Sanity - The Impervious CodeVictims Of ContingencySeif Al Din (the Embrace That Smothers Part 6)Veniality (orchestral Version)Cry For The Moon (the Embrace That Smothers Part 4)Adyta (the Neverending Embrace)Follow In The CryDies Irae (Live In Miskolc)Living A Lie (Live In Miskolc)Facade Of RealityLingerMemoryLong Lost LoveBeyond BeliefResign To Surrender A New Age Dawns Pt. IvQuietusBurn To A CinderBlank InfinityDeath Of A Dream The Embrace That Smothers Part ViiNever EnoughMartyr Of The Free WordThe Last Crusade A New Age Dawns Part IIllusive ConsensusConsign To Oblivion A New Age Dawns Part IiiTides Of TimeMenace Of VanitySemblance Of LibertyMother Of Light A New Age Dawns Part IiReplicaSolitary GroundForce Of The ShoreDance Of FateWhite WatersTrois ViergesDeconstructSancta TerraThe Obsessive DevotionAnother Me In Lack'echVeniality Previously Unreleased Orchestral VersionFools Of Damnation The Embrace That Smothers Part IxDesign Your Universe A New Age Dawns Pt. ViFeintSafeguard To ParadiseChasing The DragonKingdom Of Heaven A New Age Dawns Pt. VHigher HighOur DestinySensoriumRun For A FallThe Divine ConspiracyUnleashed
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Related Information for Epica There is more than one artist known as Epica:ONEEpica formed in the Netherlands. They are a symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen, subsequent to his departure from After Forever. Their songs largely deal with philosophical topics, including science, religion and world events.Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: 2003, Epica's debu.. read more