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Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score)
Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score)
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The Dust Brothers are the Los Angeles-based producers E.Z. Mike (Michael Simpson) and King Gizmo (John King), famous for advancing the art of sample-based music in the 1980s, and specifically for their work on the groundbreaking albums Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys and Odelay by Beck. More recently, they again collaborated with Beck on the album Guero, and worked with Tenacious D on their self-titled debut.In 1998, the duo was approached by director David Fincher to assemble the acclaimed score for the film, Fight Club.John King teamed with Medeski Martin & Wood to create their 2004 album End of the World Party (Just in Case). King also recently worked on the 2005 Garbage album Bleed Like Me. His production work on 'B... read more