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Roadkill Removal TechnicianCloacula: The Anthropophabic CopromantikLong-pig Chef And The Hairless GoatVino De Lo SanguiferoLand Of The Severed MeatusHuman Jerky And The Active CulturesVeal And The Cult Of TortureTo Serve ManUnclogged And Ready For SpewageRide 'em CowboyLips And AssholesTripas De PepeQueso De CabezaThe Roadside Dead (detrunked Stumpification Through Roadrash)Colonic Villus Biopsy Performed On The Gastro-intestinally IncapableHypogastric Combustion By C-4 PlastiqueChili DispenserTurn On The MastersThe Regurgitation Of CorpsesBovine, Swine And Human-rindsParasitic InfestationStench From The DumpsterThe EarthlingChunk BlowerUnintelligent DesignApplied Human DefragmentationBukkake TsunamiChummifiedBurnt To A CrispConstipation CampCream Of The CropCloned For CarrionColostomy Jigsaw PuzzleBathing In A Grease Disposal UnitBludgeoned, Beaten, And BarbecuedA Body FarmColon BloYour DisposalDead Set On SuicideDo Not ResuscitateThe Carcass DerrickIn AxestasyOne Thousand Times DecapitationOf Human Pride & FlatulenceBereavementThe New DawnA Living Breathing Piece Of Defecating MeatWe Are Horrible PeopleAlone In The LandfillDeadmealI Eat Your SkinTesticular ManslaughterWine Of The SanguineSonny's BurningA Carnal Fecophelia Due To Prolonged Exposure To MethaneMolested - DigestedWorld Full Of IdiotsNo FutureTotal GoreKingdom Of TyrantsLifestalkerForced Gender ReassignmentSuspended In CaproliteKarma.bloody.karmaThe Carbon StampedeSuccess Is... (hanging By The Neck)Into The Public BathThe Ripe Beneath The RindThe MonolithProjectile OvulationRegret & The GraveGristle LickerThe Product AliveTooth Enamel And ConcreteThe Gardeners Of Eden
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Related Information for Cattle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation are an American deathgrind band from San Diego, California.Originally founded in 1996, Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals as well as the abuse of the environment. Lyrics may also focus on subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based on putting humans in the situations that animals are subjected to (animal testing, slaughter, etc). Their 2002 album To Serve Man saw con.. read more