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Beogradski Sindikat (cirilic: Београдски Синдикат, English: Belgrade Syndicate) is a popular nine-member hip-hop collective from Belgrade, Serbia. The group has released three albums: BSSST…Tišinčina (Shhh…Silence) in early 2002, Svi Zajedno (All Together) in 2005 and Diskretni Heroji (Discreet Heroes) in 2010, as well as the single Govedina (Beef) (September 2002), a controversial broadside against the entire Serbian political scene.One member of the group, Škabo (Shkabo), has released two solo albums, Sam (Alone) and Deset Dina Na Matrici (Ten Years On The Track)..The group was formed on March 21, 1999, with the merging of Red Zmaja and TUMZ together with rappers MC Flex and Chef Sale. A new member, Prota, joined in 200... read more