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8th Wave is a pop-punk group formed in 1997 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Original members included Owen Killham on guitar and vocals, Josh Rumbaugh on bass, Ryan "Emmy" Emswiler on drums, Jason Flatowicz on trombone, and Steve Ahl on trumpet.Early in their career they were mostly straight ska-punk with an emphasis on catchy horn melodies. The band broke up in early 1999 but reformed with a new pop sound in early 2000 along with a new singer, Kris "Dirty Money" Allison, and a new trombone player, Jimbo Barber.The "Take Your Pick" EP was released in 2000, followed by "The Truth Hurts" full length in 2001. Both albums sold well in the local areas, and were gone within one year of release.In 2002, the Wav... read more
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