Hustlenomics Lyrics

[Intro: Joc's Dad (Yung Joc)]
Ya see son, there's a lot of goddamn things dat im good at (um-hm)
& hustlin is one of 'em, dat all i've ever did (yeah)
Ya know what im sayin' , y-y-you gotta know when, to sell da mercedes, back to da benz
U see, d-d-dats some classic shit (right)
Ya see, cuz im da flip of da flippa
See dey called me flippa when i was comin up (flippa ?)
If u aint got no name in dese screets, u aint gon' be shit son (right)
Now see, u don' made a name for yo'self doin ya own kinda hustlenomics
U see what im sayin ? dat what dis game is all about, hustlenomics son (yeah)
Now see-s-s-see, muthaf**kin nigga, gon' try to trick me,
Outta some change dat i don' already muthaf**kin made
& it happened to be some change, dat i don' put on him
U see now im whoopin' his ass wit his own shit
See dem hustlenomics (yeah), dem hustlenomics
See u gotta know how to flip (well lemme talk to 'em dad) u flip,
Dats why dey called me flippa son

[Verse 1:]
My momma was a hustla (yeah),
My daddy was too
Dey both played da streets,
Did what dey had to do(do)
Dats all i've ever known, i guess to say its in my veins,
My daddy ran numbers (dollas),
& he sold cocaine
My momma sold da weed, dats all i've ever seen her do (i seen 'er)
I seen 'er smoke a lil hard, but dats between me & u (shhhh...)
Now da question stands, "joc, whats ya hustle nigga"
Plan my work & work my plan, dats my hustle nigga (hustle nigga)

[Bridge: Radio Personality (Yung Joc)]
I mean listen (im listenin)
By no means, ways, shapes, or form of fashion (right)
Do i mean to a... u know slander your character, or offend you (i mean. its okay, say it)
But, u know what sets u aside from all the other quote on quote hustlers
I mean, im hearing this termonology or should i say this new reacting (right)
Using hustle-nomics (hustlenomics, dats right)
Could'ju do me a favor (whats up)
If u dont mind, if u hav the time to joc, (okay) can u elaborate (i see, well lemme talk to 'em shawty)

[Verse 2:]
Well lemme spell my name its h-u-s-t-l-e
U wanna know da smell of money well hell smell me
Yall niggas dont understand, yall nigga hooked on phonics
Well me on da other hand, im hooked on hustlnomics
I buy da work really cheap, mark it up a couple hunned
Check my re-up, re-invested, while ya'll suckas out derr stuntin
Wonderin what i do, potna mind ya own bizz...
I aint finna play wit'cha, i got my own kids!

[Outro: Joc's Dad]
Boy im so proud of you
Boy i tell ya, takin after my own heart, see ha
Goin platinum & err'thing, like dat
See ya daddy was born platinum, boy
& im gon' die platinum, huh
Way to go, joc

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Songwriter(s): Dana Ramey, Philip Green, Kairi Graves, Jasiel Robinson
Publisher(s): Dee Jay Dana Productions, Granny Man Publishing, Full Off Music Publishing, Emi April Music Inc., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Blak Boi Publishing
Record Label(s): 2007 Bad Boy Records LLC for the United States and WEA International Inc for the world excluding the United States, South America and Central America
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