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Still I Rise
Young Wicked


Still I Rise Lyrics (feat. Jamie Madrox & Rittz)

[Verse 1: Young Wicked]
(All my life) I've been fighting for the respect I deserve
Reppin' AMB especially when they hated my word
Treating me differently, dissing me
Giving me shit, it was killing me
Found the ability to never let the bullshit hurt my spirit
Telling myself to put it all in my lyrics
Any time I'm shining the Devil wanna make an appearance
Cause interference, talking shit about us, I hear it
But never doubted our feelings
I'll be keeping it clear, I know this
How come don't nobody want us
When I was comping up anybody really loved me, I'll be honest
When I'm feeling nervous in my stomach, roll up marijuana
When the Devil is upon us, I'ma kill him, that's a promise
Ugh, waking up everyday and I'm on it
Proving they made us wrong and murdering every opponent
All the grinding every night finally get to this moment
To spit it and know it, you'll never get rid of a soldier
But I ain't never let somebody tell me that I'm less than
Never trust nobody with a bunch of f*cking yes man
Never will I put up with the freshness
Still you coming at me, I'm responding with aggression
I was born to be the man I am
And I will never give a damn about a hater or his life
Let 'em all see when you all look at me on everything you took from me
It'll never kill the fire in my eyes... Still I rise
[Hook: Young Wicked]
Despite all the evil that's in my life
Hold me down, yeah they all try
But everytime they find that still I rise
Still I rise

[Verse 2: Rittz]
When you wanna rise, everybody say that they f*ck with you
But when you fallin off they ain't there to help you out when you need 'em
Waving a flag for you, braggin that they're your homie but only when you was poppin', you hit bottom watch your followers leavin'
(?)Even if I don't see em schemin', homie I done had experience
Spottin' fake friends, plottin' with their co-conspirators
Backstabbin', dates back to the beginnin' of mankind
Drawings on the walls up in Egyptian pyramids
But I won't let em get me little Brutus to the Julius
I'm losin' friends that hang around me, do it cause it's lucrative
As soon as it don't benefit 'em, put they crew to coup, again
I seen the way this movie end, before and it behooves me when
They say they're with the movement but they shown up and it's shit, tryin' to say outlandish shit
Tryna assassinate your character
Swear that they were there when ya, started, say you've changed
Since the fame, they didn't like me back at Strange, homie where the love?
For me to get to where I'm at ain't been a cakewalk
I believe in God I'm grateful that he blessed me
So much pressure it gets hard for me to stay calm
I wonder if it's just a way for him to test me
And see if I'ma let it put me in the graveyard
Or am I tough enough to suck it up well let's see
There ain't a day go by that I ain't gettin' hate from
People that ain't never met me but still I RISE!
[Hook: Young Wicked]
Despite all the evil that's in my life
Hold me down, yeah they all try
But everytime they find that still I rise
Still I rise

[Verse 3: Jamie Madrox]
Feeling like f*ck it go ahead and fill in the blank
Cause I never been a people person, f*ck you what you think
Day one if you wanna compare days
But this is real talk, so no room for opinions or Johnny fairplay
Punch 'em right in the face with them off collar comments they Got it comin I'm second guessing my own day
And what I might say, so many butthurt but what's worse?
Ain't enough ass bandaids to make work
Shit's deep, real wolves can't be concerned
With the comments of the opinionated sheep
So I block em all away, wanna throw shade?
While I'm handing out umbrellas and there ain't no sign of rain
I'ma rise through the pain like I'm made of novocaine
And I've been a living legend since the very first day
I'ma batter and abuse 'em my contaminated brain
And I'm here to terminate the competition in the game
New day f*ck you in the trumpet
Cut Othellos hands off and fed it to the puppets
f*ck you in the heart cause it's deeper than the duckets
Watch 'em crucified by the public, tell me do you love it?
All the things you covet - die
The moment that you made me pick sides
I'm not the ordinary sheep, I aspire to be the shepard
And you can follow me when I f*cking rise
[Hook: Young Wicked]
Despite all the evil that's in my life
Hold me down, yeah they all try
But everytime they find that still I rise
Still I rise

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Songwriter(s): Jamie Madrox, Rittz, Young Wicked
Record Label(s): 2017 Majik Ninja Entertainment
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