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Burnin Smoke
Young Wicked


Burnin Smoke Lyrics

Burnin' smoke where my worries go
Riding through the zone on my own put my hunnies on
Bitch I'm burnin' smoke put my hunnies on

[Verse 1]
Thinking way back to the day
I be like f*ck out my face
I got some music to make
I ain't got time for no fakes
All of you haters just get the f*ck out of the way
I am a monster and thats been a fact
It ain't my problem thats how you react
3-0-3 city thats where we be at
When ninjas is with me no industry slack
51-50's and panic attacks I'm telling you now thats a part of the past
Garcia brothers is all built to last
No fear in my heart as I'm burning this ash uh
Every day I wake up and I'm ready for whatever cause the Devil never talking days off, So
I got a killer hustle ain't another motherf*cka finna ever make the wicked way stop (No)
AXE tats and that dab ring
You get knocked out like Danzig
If you f*ck around with this family you gon' need more than a mothaf*ckin bandage
They telling me f*ck it go crazy
Only ones judging theres only one savior
Can't nobody really cure the behavior if they are guilty of the same things
They telling me my shit ain't dope, I'm like for sure
If you don't like then right theirs the door
I've been a part of this game for so long man I don't know it all I don't care anymore
(?) if you ain't already know
It ain't no sleep where all the wicked ones go
We (?) but eradicating any foe
C'est la vie and then we fade into the smoke
Trippin' on that O burnin smoke where my worries go
Ridin' through the zone
Bitch I'm burnin smoke
Put my hunnies on
Bitch I'm burnin smoke
Put my hunnies on

[Verse 2]
Bitch I'm a maniac f*ck is you playing at
I'll have the goonies show up where you staying at
Mad cause I'm slaying it every day and shit
Never been greater I'm finally making it
If you won't give me respect where its due then I'm taking it
Especially where its been earned
It ain't no waiting my turn
Raggedy bridges will burn put that on all that I've learned
Every time I think I'm on a come up somebody wanna run up but Ima be killing em' all with the rap shit
Hit them with the slaughter then I them with the vengeance now I'm going for the mothaf*ckin' hat trick
Money in the mattress
Roll an OG then I light it up and smoke it to the ashes
I'm from a good city but I've been a mad kid don't get it backwards
I'm f*cking up all of these rappers
Heavy in the underground I'm coming with a dose up
Something you ain't ever had before a ninja woke up
Chopper in the studio its something we can smoke up
Paranormal punishment will turn you to a ghost yet
Didn't know we own it, sicker than a stomach after swallowing battery acid, liquor and an omelette
Quicker than a comment when your weak and in the moment
Ima murder mothaf*ckas and they never seen me coming up
Tell your people that I'm ready when they running up
And if they wanna hate it let em hate it we don't
Bitch I got a couple homies in the D
And I'm riding round with killers from the 3-0-3 and we on

We get what we deserved it for
Dig yourself a shallow grave
Pray the Lord your soul to save [x2]


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Songwriter(s): Young Wicked
Record Label(s): 2017 Majik Ninja Entertainment
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