Overdose Lyrics (ft. $Tc)

[Verse 1]
Cup filled with that muddy
Spent this money being a f*cking junkie
Indica made feel like Cudi
I mix this shit until my vision fuzzy
Hoes druggy
Drunk as f*ck with that double cup, I know she wanna f*ck me
Moving dope around this f*cking country
She don't trust nobody but this f*cking money
This the lifestyle
This why I signed up for this shit
I feel alive when I'm high up and tripping
Going way past the skies that they lied was the limits
All these, neon lights in my city
Purple haze up in my studio
Illicit shit with pharmaceuticals
I'm keep on mixing it until I'm stupid dope
Oh I'm so stupid
Tell me “Nile, oh don't do it”, I overdo it
Annihilated and I'm overdosing
I don't even know like what the f*ck I'm doing
Popped a molly, sayin “f*ck protection”
Bitch I'm Genghis Khan about to make descendants
p*ssy feeling so good
I might just f*ck my life up and I won't regret it

[Verse 2]
Takin' a hit of this chronic
Faded, faded I be staying unconscious
Chasing dragons or this paper chasing makes no f*ckin difference when I'm make the profit
Double tabs, another f*cking blunt
Another double cup, I need some help with this
I love the drugs, I f*ckin love the drugs, mixing all this substance ‘til I'm melting in
Just f*ck talking, all I want is silence, I got ganja smoke keep me occupied
f*ck thought, I just pop another, and I wander off until I lost my mind
Walking blind as I walk the line on that razor's edge drifting off in time
I'm not fine, I'm not f*ckin fine, but I'm so gone, oh bye bye
Like oh shit, I'm so lifted, I'm so in it, I don't exist
Stupefied, bitch I'm stupid high
Riding through this shit like this shit suicide
Speeding bullet, loading up the Glock, I point it at my temple, headed straight to heaven
Psychedelics feeling so good, when I'm levitating, pray it never ending, Goddamn

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Songwriter(s): Young Hysan

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