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Bare witness, young greatness so bear with me
This black excellence understand that it's here with me
Son of a soldier ain't a single ounce of fear in me
Standing triumph man I know you hear them cheering me
Voice of the people, came from the streets, I know the block
Shookn it up so much now it's Bubblin like a soda pop
Mama cryin, babies dying victim of these circumstances
We just chalk it up to the game, we never heard of chances
System never made for us, so we always made for us
Grind, hustle, hustle, grind tryna get that paper up
Savage, ratchet, ghetto badkstard see just how they label us
They say respect the law, but bruh that shit was never made for us
Racially f*cked up, niggas can't even see the blessin
See I'm confused y'all arguin over skin complexion
When there's a war against us we could've intercept it
We could've bound together shit we could've been the weapon
Strapped up against oppression, turn these Ls into a lesson
Hold in church in these streets, in preaching til they get the message
On the road of life you see me coasting through the intersection
Teach you how to rise up if you interested Let me speak
See they don't understand the hurdles that we gotta beat
Been fighting for so long homie and it's kinda weak
Only choice is to hustle and move a pound a week
This is survival my nigga, my family gotta eat
Gettin outta poverty listen that is the new wave
Make nothing outta something it's nothing that's how we do things
Young boy Spittin out fire like I was Like i was Liu Kang
No more real niggas we turning ourselves to New Kings
Yeah All praise to the new queens
The ones who quote solange but still listen to 2 Chainz
We got it out the mud but really it ain't no new thing
A dollar still a dollar even if it's only loose change
Hell yeah im cookin now, James Harden wippin up
Puttin all my peoples on, C the God with the Plug
No slander if I see you fall, I'm only tryna lift you up
Shooting for the top because that spot was always meant for us
They subtle with the bullshit, H & M with the diss
Brag before they hit they mark, Swaggy P with the Miss
My niggas still cookin up, Lil B with the wrist
Whip a couple jewels up, Mr. t in this bitch
Body marked up by the words of my niggas
Who lived a righteous life but was slained by the triggaZ
On the chase for them figgaz, Stuntin on Niggas passionate
Fighting like Collin Kaepernick, never livin that average shit
Money, hoes the infaction with
So we pushing dem packages
Playing a dirty game my nigga we livin hazardous
Demon or devil, Jason or Freddy, Jada or Fabolous
A struggle when you falling, so Niggas just get ya grabbin shit
So scared to take the L so Niggas be quick to grab the stick
Like you ain't down 20 my nigga you should've passed the shits
Couldn't fight the dub, now Niggas grabbing the snub
You know the type when they losing, quick to pull the plug
They sending out fake love, disguising that shit like fam now
Ops standing up my nigga you better stand down
Lyricallly I'm crack in the 80s, I'm hittin Niggas hard
I'm like a racist ass judge, I'm givin Niggas bars

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Songwriter(s): Rudy Strong
Record Label(s): 2018 EMP Entertainment
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