Do The Project One Lyrics

Stuck in my own way,  still seeking what never will/
It ain't no remedy nigga shit I'm forever ill/
I take this gift, and apply it to something that can last/
And start to speaking for people, influenced by the past/
Heart of sparta maybe a fire starter/
I'm just, tryna show y'all the other side of the Carter/
You know, the ones who made it, who wasn't trapped by the thought of/
Only selling drugs saying this the way a nigga brought up/

Do the Project One
Aye do the project one

See we gotta change that mind set/
I know it's fast but did you stop to read the fine print/
They on our ass and look these people got they time set /
They don't know the grind yet, but they gone see how we get it everytime yeah/
Ima put my faith in that, what we lost we taking back/
Still we gone prevail it ain't no problem when we faced with that/
They love you when you leaving, so im constantly thinking fade to black/

Voice of the chosen, flow is potent, now sniff/
Ya boy, walk on that frozen praying i never  slip/
Yeah yeah a freedom fighter, a super saiyan Deontay Wilder/
I'm in the game and I'm banging like I was Monte Ellis/
I swear to Buddha, this world is toxic plus mental illness/
We lacking love for each other, police is tryna kill us/
We stabbing niggas for chicken I mean these niggz trippin/
I'm tryna speak to the people I need my niggas to listen/
Never a martyr I'm just a father of black kids/
Tryna convince em it's more than life then just stack chicks/
No need for Cappin', this narrative that I'm tellin/
These tears flow through my heart when im hearing my people yellin'

Do the Project One
Aye do the project one

Son of a soldier, still stand on the front line/
Don't try to play me im still Kobe crunch time/
You see the people they waving they true colors now/
With Tiki Torches and maga hats just to cut us down/
Forever fighting, my people striking like lighting/
We  taking our true forms, it still tack on the titans/
I'm Eren Yeager in Writing, im bossin like major bison/
I'm driving this whole cause, im still paying theprices/
I see what they be doing and homie it's still a threat/
It's like everyday they still comin' for out neck/
I'm tired of seein niggas do whatever for a check/
I need to see my niggas do whatever for respect/
Im still spittin that acid shit, black excellence bask in it/
Preachin; to prove progress we pushin it to the max wit it/
Still stand with Kaeprnick, nigga its no cap with it/
We bound to break records my nigga with no asterisks/
King! The only way im greeting my fellow woes/
Queen, go wear ya crown, dont let em treat you like hoes/
Hate that's in ya heart, i need you to let it go/
Still prayers is for my niggas and even some of my foes/

Do the Project One
Aye do the project one

It's still never a victim, still fighting the system/
Still stating demands if you would you like me to list em/
They  steal from our culture, still rocking like boulders/
Some is still sleep but we will wake em like Folgers/
Still knowing my path, and walking it for the team/
Speaking for the silent and anybody that dream/
He got em sayin send us back, you ain't peepin the whole scene/
It's still us against them, its as simple as it seems/
Still niggas is doubtin, blinded to what is real/
They tryna to cut us deep but our skin tougher than steel/
Ain't falling for the fake, they still come with the illz/
No matter what they say I still come from the Mil, its twos

Do the Project One
Aye do the project one

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Songwriter(s): R. Strong
Record Label(s): 2019 EMP Entertainment
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