Party Life Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Illest fliest ever
This shit ain't know we make it
Wait my eye for vibrating
Making me wanna break it
Can't tell that as I pop it
That shit ain't making breakfast
Know that won't ever break me
Hell I'll just be on my way in
Last night is buried to me
Thank God I slipped the roofie
This might be hangover 3
I feel like Alice Stewie
Brush my teeth with colgate
Towel over my whole face
Shower on my low side
Turned it on got in this flex time
I was on the phone with sookie
My lil baby on the next line
Valet ask for a tip
I told 'em next time I threw it
The coupe messy I knew it
My first stop is the car wash
This kush might made my heart stop
On flexing in this hard top
My Philly bitch from up town
My MIO from far out
I make a couple call the night
We trying to buy a bar out
And eventhough it's day time
They lookin' like the star
They see me and tweet pic I retweet
Fast it ball make it look like I seeing no PC's
Shout out to my lil Georgia
Hell we always meet on P street
No flexing

[Verse 2]
Welcome to the party life dificult
The champagne slash bar the molli life
Living like a damn king
Say that boy a rolling stone
Living out on my luggage chain
No telling when I'm going home
Showing out in a public tea
The parrow way I land
Got my feet up in the sand
Had my mom up on the hills
Cut them leeches off my plants
20k up on the neck
Couple digits on my hand
Bentley brighning on my wrist
Tell them bitches I'm the man
What the f**k they talking about
Cashing in and walking out
We see 220 on that dash
That mean that Aston Martin out
Tell valet don't touch my shit
I ain't pulling in I'm parking out
Catch him standing on them tables
Wait to bring his sparkles out

[Verse 3]
Feeling high as ever
These kilos hold my necklace
Could have me going federal
So could this myth and waist in
Cautious and extra careful
Haters watching out Phillie
Called up my brother cheddar
Now I'm off to my city
Exit of off Atlantic
I see police don't panic
That blood red mase' coupe
Got me looking satanic
It ain't go how they planned it
Guess they wanted me buried
I'm so tired of these motherf**kers
I'm telling them hurry
Got a grammar trigger in their real life
Bigger than a rear view and all here lies
24 on Nas and I'ma hold the 9
Let them shoot you once
Nigga dead twice
I'm flying on these loafers
The chevy vert on floaters
Got heavy working motor
But I don't think they feel me
So I do it more than local
And I fly out on the usual
And the bitches always miss me
Different cities I don't choose 'em
I just f**k 'em don't abuse 'em
Duck 'em when it's kush up
I pull up to my brother's house
we puffing like some hoovers
And we riding like bitch cruisers
Getting high inside each cruiser
His glock, ruger my cash ,ruler
Intense is on the windows
Haters can't do nothing to us
And you wouldn't wanna know us if you knew us
It's round about 11 now
I go in the crib I settle down
Going out the night again
Whole another level now
I roll up me a spliff
Shower after I shit
Then brush my teeth again
And then I mighty fly in my fifth
See this the party life
Bitches are hella shot
Get drunk and go to jail
And use money to bail us out
That's what it's all about
Ferarri life ,vroom!

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