Graduation Lyrics

This is what I get for having expectations
Cause I forgot where I came from
What if I'm gone will you wake up?
Would it all make you wake up?

Hey mama, just wanted to tell you I love you
Don't know if I say it enough
But I really be praying for us
And I thank God for you, man, I look up to you, man
If I was in trouble and needed somebody I'd run to you, yeah
If I never told you you was my idol, like really my idol
Whatever you said to me I took it in like it was the Bible
When you look at me I wanna know the feeling inside you
I guess sometimes I just wonder if you feel the way I do
Remember my tenth birthday when you apologized
You couldn't buy a cake so you bought me Mcdonald's fries
I thanked you but you got my brother gifts a lotta times
For me you say give you sometime but never got the time
I figured it was for the bills, but for real how you really feel
I know his birthday around tax time so is that what it is?
I know you gotta love me mama cause every mama love they kids
I just really think it's f*cked up but I guess it is what it is
Remember recitals I played the piano I waited and you never came
You said you was working but got off from work for my brother
Went to every game
He really never scored but you was just there to support
But I know basketballs more fun than watch piano I'm sure
I really forgive you, and I'mma continue forgiving you
I made up a whole lotta reasons
Cause I know it can't be intentional
When I was in the hospital you said you hoped I got better
When he was under weather you was in the hospital till he got better
I don't understand when you look at me I feel like you regret me
But the look inside your eyes when you see him sometimes effect me
I was tryna be so perfect just to feel like you accept me
I love the way you love but you love everyone except me
Be honest mom when nobody come threw for you I'm present
But when Christmas come around you don't think to give me a present
Man that's f*cked up
Cause I spent my whole life tryna impress you
But I guess I ain't really special

This is what I get for having expectations
Cause I forgot where I came from
What if I'm gone will you wake up?
Would it all make make you wake up?

You really showed me how much a parent could love they child
So much that they forget they got another child
Now my while life I just wanted to make my mother proud
Wonder if you see the difference when I can't come around

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Songwriter(s): YelloPain

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