Do It For Me Lyrics

[verse 1: Yaway Martian]
Im fearless on this path i ripped it in half like karate,
Im digging delinger blasted a rebel bullet in air to change the weather,
Since my first step i knew money ruled like pilgrim on that Zulu,
Till fire sparked legs sprint, face on the concrete conquered congress for congrats,
Got a rat on the trap for that benz switch roof for no ceiling messed there faith apart,
Tearing Wings in pieces to see an eagle fly,
Blew grant for that low blow king Arthur and more dope,
Most king get split brain spill for that lesson,
Know your step tracing my thought design a mind frame like an architect for looting,
No loitering on fast pace flip environment like a green monk,
Chopped trees in jungle boreal for that note and knowledge
On my Socrates the evil of ignorance gets kicks,
Mcfly f*ck your soft spot


[Verse 2: Yaway Martian]
Rocking 88's jet screen, i bet in springs your fall
Cause we stay hot through winter hoping to freeze in the summer
As the boys moves coca leaf to cool the heat, holding lama til i meet the top
Like Johnny's apple seeding sin city, top less tell em to groupie around
Heartless in night i hear the soul less cry but my light is up
So i guess im f*cking the dark force like Luke in the name of the father and son
Im that men till we reach the other side on the mountain top
Space knew i be universal galaxy state of mind
Im glad i see the most high on every lane, lame get sleight for the plate
I am hector on that tactic plan my path a wiseman on a chase
Ill bake em for that power send the heater, im ember humble toting my blessing
I got the power of knowledge it in the mind and my mind are richer
But her brain are the best, weak niggas just want to party
I got your bitch on my nut talking about making you blow,


[Verse 3: Yaway Martian]
We are hustlers and divas riding shotgun while lucky steering,
The moon runners come along i know you can hang
I got that beamer seating on top with my fellow crafts,
Dropping wolf on the middle of the sea dragon triangle watch em swim,
Gasping for air wishing for my fall it a waste like ghost you ain't living,
Picture a vampire searching for his reflection on a godly mirror
Perfectly soulless mated with an angels that projected my light
Drain my emotions beefing with my left hand for my rights dues
Send the bill to Jehovah now i am heavenly made
Til i fall ill forever stand above your hate
Crash open the gate for a clear vision of the worlds
Your are spiritual jailed without ambitious or a faith on self Motion,
We hustle hard to live that dream till you owns it.

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