Ballin Lyrics

[First Chorus x2]
Stacks on deck ranks in pack my nigga we all in, stacks on stacks till we banks now ballin

[Verse 1: Yaway Martian]
I be on my predators mode snatching wolf on sight of map be ware we hunting
Me and my gang are military minded yeah bitch we thugging
My blades calling for a nigga blood like vampire tooths get close and we all in,
Riding for the chips well poke y'all no resistetion cause i be holding my ace up
Bitch better make up well eat the whole meal pet playing pest we feasting
With my piranhas leave osteology for the watcher oxtail staring at my horn like im satan
OG made me but i am originally a hustler for take ill let my Razer for play pin it,
Like field poppy red weed just a common poppy hope you remember that, now let us forget,
Bitch knew that i would blow on that jerk off, i can't slide whats a blow job on a skate field
Mind poison parasite ima beat you p*ssy dead like julliet wetter then rose ice berg,
Ocean liner sink the whole ship now we stunting dream big fatter then Albert

[Chorus x2]
Stacks on deck ranks in pack my nigga we all in, stacks on stacks till we banks now ballin
MJ of court benjii's on air money got me king like james now we ballin
Stacks on deck ranks in pack my nigga we all in stacks on stacks till we banks now ballin

[Verse 2: Yaway Martian]
I am Einstein for this bill gate your micro and soft call of duty and they all ghost
We ain't stopping to the affinity cause life is a dream so for this bitch my nature just won't quit Trip and ima take you on the perfect ride let you see an end to your backward B.S
No two alike but i bare god structure made from mother land switched based
Like mother and daughter those bitch be the same reppin Afro
Like the undercover we all brother from south to Egypt bitch i am martian
I f*cks with cons but i ain't one the only one til we Jet li, this flight taking off,
Don't front i be strap with my Z warriors f*cking witchcraft old habit dish that
A full meal it a big cock on your front gear like an auto tune niggas better DOA
Enchanter are disappearing we divine like archangel micheal on my new Jays
Full clips on my brain like kurt cobain if i bared a black heart red paint can picture a black art
You would meet your maker now we all one, the whole crew conjugating on a nemesis
All i want it fame, and cash cause my hoes stay clue like a painted wall,
All blue with my spade heart she's an ace like a diamond shapes
United with kings til we royal flush, Hustle hard from the bottom til your a top list
If money is calling i be in tune im a bass heart all front the answer like A.I
[First Chorus x4]

[Verse 3: Yaway Martian]
If cash is the issues I'll put my blood on that wish list an equal to your solution
Life is a problem broke niggas can't solve we bating their trap like a fish they all hooked
For cake a chief would bake that.

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Record Label(s): 2014 Newbula
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