Reunited Lyrics

Everybody it's Wu motherf**kers, Wu Tang motherf**kers
It's Wu motherf**kers, Wu Tang motherf**kers
It's Wu motherf**kers, Wu Tang motherf**kers
It's Wu motherf**kers

Reunited double LP we're all excited
Struck a match to the underground industry ignited
From metaphorical parables to fertilize the earth
Wicked niggaz come try to burglarize the turf
Scattin' off soft-ass beats them niggaz rap happily
Tragically, that style, deteroiate, rapidly
Uncompleted missions to best known competitions
You couldn't add it up, if you mastered addition

Where I come from, gettin' visual is habitual
Demonstrate walkin' on hot coal, in rituals
I splash the paint on the wall formed the mural
Took a look shot the manifestation of it was plural
Rhymin' while impaired, dart hit your garment
Pierced your internal streamlined compartments
Just consider the unparallel advantage
With all D P that's impossible to manage

Bitch ass niggaz counterfeit the funk
I smoke the bead and the skunk tree top of the trunk
Moonshine drunken monk you get shrunk
The touch of skunk I be f**kin' bitches by the chunk
My name black do words wanna play in my dirt?
Bitch stop my momma serve free lunch from the church
I come like a thousand doves
Bitch she's crazy at the bus makin' the fun I gots tough love

Unglove the news watch a niggaz transfuse
Dirty add to the fuse heavy at the booze
I don't walk I get carried
Gold and platinum frisbees on my wall lookin' properly
I do it for you Wright Brothers
The Indian that sold Manhattan to the man
My grandfather step up and get knocked right the f**k out
Come to the cook out dirty bitch at the mouth
You scared? Run around like a plane about to crash

Wu Tang motherf**kers
Wu Tang motherf**kers
Wu Tang motherf**kers

The riddler funny bone tickler freak Caligula
Bigger dick sex enigma, fertilize your stigma
Stink box order from pink dot
MC's get stuck on ink blots as I plug to the sink box
Wu Tang in corp your brain on spacewalk
Talk strange like Bjork great hero Jim Thorpe
How can I put it? It's like my video footage
Hard to edit my niggaz that never understood it

I'm too impulsive my dosage it's hard for you nigga to notice
I come through your postage
I don't play the rap souflee for the day
Ruler zig-zag-zig a, leg leg arm head
Spread like plague we drink Hennessee by the keg
I got the golden egg plus the goose
Eighty proof absolute CC mixed with fruit juice, motherf**ker
I got yo' neck in a noose

It's Wu motherf**kers, Wu Tang motherf**kers
It's The Wu motherf**kers, Wu Tang motherf**kers

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Songwriter(s): Alan Anthony Silvestri
Publisher(s): Tcf Music Publishing Inc., Universal Pictures Music
Record Label(s): 1997 Loud Records LLC
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