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Ogludes... Lyrics

[Intro: TheCoolisMac]
Im on your street (We here)
(Nick, what's happening big dog?)
Blunts on me, nigga I'm on your street (I'm on your street)
I'm on your block (We here)
I'm on your boulevard, (We pulled up)
Im on your road, (Turn up)
I'm on your road, (OK)
Trying to get my pockets on swoll (Pockets on swoll)
Yeah (I'm trying to get my pockets on swoll)

[Hook: TheCoolisMac]
I'm on your street, (I'm on your street)
Nigga I'm on your block, (I'm on your block)
We on your avenue, (We pulled up)
We on your boulevard, (OK)
We on your parkway, (What's happening?)
We on your road, (Come holler at me)
Nigga we on your road (Yeah trying to get pockets on swoll, OK)

[Verse 1: TheCoolisMac]
Got damn behold (Behold)
Lets say young nigga young mac (What's happening big dog?)
Got Miller with me (What's happening big dog?)
Nick Miles on the track (Whats happening?)
1317 (Thirteen-Seventeen)
I do it religiously (Oh My God)
Baby ain't no kin to me, come get these [?] (Oh My God)
I said come get this killing (I said come get this drilling)
[Court?] nigga im drilling (You know I'm gon' do the drilling)
Rolling on molly like Decatur family skate (OK, damn you took it back)
Baby you f*cking it with me cause you know I'm great (You know Im Greatness, born rich)
Hit the blunt we back up in it (Koo-klux we back up in it)
And you know we trying to get to the got damn spinach (We shut the blunt tree, lets get it)
I'm on your street yeah I'm in your area (We here, we pulled up)
I'm off your exit my nigga, come get with your bruh (Come shop with your bruh)
Come get with me, come shop with the kid (Come shop with your bruh)
Hit the blunt I'm back in it (We back up in here, we did it)
I'm on your avenue (We go through there)
I'm on your street hollering what the hell it do (What the hell it do?)
Nigga ain't nobody here scared of you (Not at all)
We rolling the tress, you know we going through (What? we go through there, and we high)
[?] girl you ain't cool (Yeah)
Im on your block (I'm on your block)
They say they never heard of you (I'm on your block)

[Verse 2: Quentin Miller]
Ain't it the truth (Ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth)
Pull up with drink in my juice f*ck with me I got the juice (I got the juice)
Molly and OGquaaludes (Oh My God)
Born rich and I still no goons (I still no, I still no goons)
Hold up clear out the room (Yeah, yeah, clear out the room my nigga, get the f*ck out the VIP my nigga, you got dirty shoes on B, we don't f*cks with you my G)
1317 legion of doom
Put your beat in a tomb, whoa
Keep your person in personal, girl thats just me
Get some bread in your person and get back to me (Yeah)
If you love me you buy me that PlayStation 4 (Baby)
If you love me you'll put me in jeep with no doors
Turn up with me you'll be rolling like never before
Just like Pirellis on Porsche, I'm ATL to my core (Yeah)
I'm ATL on Peach Street and Sunset Boulevard
When threats come from y'all, I don't feel threatened at all, I'm just gon' flex on you all
I'm on your street, f*ck with me I'm on your circle, your terrace, on your boulevard
Hit up TD, hit up DC, they gone shuffle, meaning they gone pull your card
Whatsup? (Yeah)
Turn me up
Money and bud, liquor and drugs, don't stop till you get enough
Who got next up? (Huh?)
Who gon' step up?
I push my jeep like brand new Lexus
I smoke Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon
I'm UTD and that's forever, we gone go play when we hit Texas
I'm a Hussein bolt the cheque up, run the cheque up, run the cheque up, run the cheque up!
A one-and-a-three, a-one-and-seven, choking the beat like Undertaker
We UTD I know you hate it
Im on you street lets get this paper

[Outro: TheCoolisMac]
1317 the Mafia, lifestyle nigga
Oh My God, don't look at me nigga...
We swagging
Yeah man, keep your eyes on the mother-f*cking grind little daddy
Yeah, we doing this shit for real
Yeah get the f*ck out the VIP my nigga, you not welcome
Count Up!

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Songwriter(s): Quentin Miller, TheCoolisMac
Record Label(s): 2015 1317 Recordings
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