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Huf Lyrics

[Intro: Quentin Miller]
Yeah, 1317 everything
Wedding crashers, but no wedding rings
You like that?

[Hook: Quentin Miller]
How it feel, How it feel
Tell me how it feel, be for real
Yeah, Ey be for real

[Verse 1: Quentin Miller]
How it feel
I just popped my pill, pop your pill (I just popped my pill)
Tell me how it feel, how it feel (how you feel)
At the [?] pop the ceiling
Yeah yeah yeah
How it feel (be for real)
Be for real (be for real)
Girl I like the way you move, how it feel
How it feel, the way you sit up in them jeans
Makes me wonder how it feel
Pop this pill, let's pop this pill, I'll pop my pill, you pop your pill
How it feel (how you feel?)
Yeah, I heard that p*ssy was the real deal, holyfield
Be for real (be for real, let be serious)
I was born a rich nigga and I'm still
Born rich t-shirt on my bitch and some heels
You can sleep on me, I'll be sleepin with your girl
I'll let her test the hardwood, while I touch her pearl
She came all over my runner, I incur
How it feel, I was good I concur (I concur)
You on top of me thats what I prefer (that's what I prefer)
How if feel when you freak out
How it feel when you know you finna peak out
Let me know (hey let me know)

[Interlude: TheCoolisMac]
Eh imma sit back while you do that line
Imma goddamn drink this Jack Daniel you feel
I pulled up real crazy there definitely more goddamn liquor in here than a Chaser
You know what in talking about

[Verse 2: TheCoolisMac]
How it feel (huh?)
How it feel, how it feel
Born that 1317 shit, lets be for real
Yes indeed, how you feel
How it feel, is you tweaking how i am goddamn (i'm f*cked up)
I might hit it and forget you, you know i'm on that Xan (you know i'm on that Xan)
I'm with all my niggas baby girl just bring your clan (we deep)
Slickest wheel shit, you tryin to stick but i got that pam (liquid butter)
Who the man (Oh my God) you say me cause you nigga dick is bland (yeah yeah yeah)
f*ck the police, i got caught with five strand
Am I gone boot that f*cker, yes I am, yes I am
Ooo, Ooo how it feel (how it feel, tell me something talk to me)
She going to mac it last, she going to crush and snort that pill, sort that pill
I'm uncle Phil (uncle Phil, why that)
Cause i dont play that shit in my mansion, and I only f*ck with will
Say you will, imma drink that Jack Daniel till I'm ill, till I'm ill
How if feel (imma buy six shots) like a million bucks
Got you touching on yourself, passion, just see that business truck
OMG (OMG) i graduate out honiss and I'm hit that app for free, app for free
You and me and now you 1317, backwood skunk got me high
And tall as hell like evergreens
What the hell

Yea baby I made bail ten thousand you feel me
Sitting at ya bar first time shit , i dont give a f*ck
Ya know what im talking about yea (OMG)

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Songwriter(s): TheCoolisMac, Quentin Miller
Record Label(s): 2015 1317 Recordings
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