Buss My Gun Lyrics

Unnu play mi Dj, A who unnu a ramp wid?
Play Kartel, play mi bloodclaat dj fore mi shot a selectah bwoi!
Di whole a unnu a pussy eenuh unnu a fight 'gainst mi ting, suck unnu mumma!
Eh yah hear mi too move from roun di sound di whole a unnu,
Mi lik a bwoi, move, U move too gwe suck yuh mumma mi a badman.
Unnu nah nuh gun, how much gun unnu eva buy?
Unnu know how much fi a bloodclaat AK? Hundred an add thousand dolla!
A 'Panish town mi cum from Klans an bloodclaat One Order, play mi bomboclaat DJ!

Yow Steven a wha do some man, whe dem end up get?
(Bang Bang I shot dem down)
(Bang Bang dem hit da ground)
(Bang Bang da awful sound, Bang Bang...)

When mi buss my gun
Bwoi body drop, foot a twist like shoeslace,
Dem inna bulletproof vest, mi nuh shoot chest mi a shoot face,
Di nozzle inna mouth like toothpaste,
Gunshot a travel like suitcase,
Japanese bullet wid blue base,
My crew paste pon screwface.

[Verse 1:]
Bwoi a beg fi him life like kids beg money at di stoplight,
Mi put di glock right up inna him face an buss it
Til him head red like mi bimmer backlight,
No bwoi nuh bad like me dem just a act like,
Addi grow ruff like scotchbrite, tuff like blacklight, buss shotgun, clap mac right,
Calico tun on like cellular when di sim card right, Kalashnikov din car light,
Don't diss di mongol dem man deh mi war like all night all day, SK tek spray,
Shot penetrate like X-ray, face tun nex way, no escape at all!

(Wheeel cum agen, cum a-bloodclaat-gen, cum agen, mi naw play nosong tonite, play Kartel!)


[Verse 2:]
From mi say now!
Thugz come like betta muss, mek shot infect yuh like tetanus
Bring dem a Oakland mek lay an tickerus murder dem!
Nuff a dem a pussy sum a clitoros
Ppl whe love fi bring the charity for us,
For a military gang so di press imagous,
Run inna di church, heh, a nuh nutten fi mi just,
Kill u and di preacher di teacher nuh religious,
Mi gun load up faster dan minibus
From di day mi born happy thoughts never been in us,
Rockfort will kill a million so mi villianous,
Worse if a di, mi get it from philly fuss,
You will never see di ways of a girl inna us,
Rema have a rass luga from berlin a buss,
Thugz buy guns fi hundred an ten of us,
Slouch AK dem venemous, den nuh muss!


[Verse 3:]
Ruler cyan measure how far di marrow fell,
When di magnum barrel spin like carousel,
Mi so wicked ppl say if a nuh me a di devil, well mi muss know di devil well,
Me to killin is like football to Neville Bell,
Head a swell, shotty bullet touch di groung an it start dig a neda well,
Blood paint yuh like grill whe welder well,
Violate Slouch an Steven a you mi a send a hell!


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Songwriter(s): Adidja Azim Palmer, Stephen David Mcgregor

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