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[Verse 1: Avenue.]
And V Don got my stock risin'
Said he had a problem with dog, so we hog tied 'em
You don't gotta question the squad nigga we all riders
Said he had five trap spots, we hit all five 'em
I'm back buzzin' and the city love it
I'm tryna do it how Diddy does it
Women love me I ain't thinkin' of it
Oh they related now they kissin' cousins
Ayo survival of the fittest
I'm the flyest and the littest
Tryna get it so a nigga still diving in the kitchen
Tryna find a fryer and a mixer
You lames think it's all fun and games 'till we diving in ya sister
I'm in barbershop discussions and I'm leading the talk
Bridge the gap between the bean and New York
Trust this ain't what you want
I took some losses but I ain't taking shorts
Ayo I'm more than just a rap nigga
This authentic if you see me round rap niggas
It's all business
This type of lingo
Is to never to be understanded
By you niggas that be pitching but underhanded
My niggas stay low from the Feddies and duck the cameras
Shave the hair off they fingers so nothing get stuck on hammers
You can sneak diss if you want if you taking this life for granted
Don't let the fake Cubans and Xanax just hype ya mans up
I came back going ape shit versus bananas
Eat what you kill
Beats come with a will
I done seen shit that don't seem fair
They told me they don't come true so we don't dream here
Now our hearts cold
Like when a nigga stick his foot out the sheets
Vito died in my teeth so he living through me
And nine five said it's go time, nigga no lettin' up
Shit the odds is in ya favor if you bet on us
A couple million on the way in the Brinks truck
Now when you think of down the way, who you think of?
This year
I'm really claiming my spot
It's new if you never knew for those who must of forgot
Shit we here

[Verse 2: Eto]
You don't miss the water 'till the well runs dry
See if you could get ya shell front tied, Ayo
Niggas pay homage on collateral ransoms
DA throwing murder capitol tantrums
Trump going crazy 'bout the National Anthem
Meanwhile Puerto Rico can't wait 'till the cans come
Yo, political ditto
Feeling like Malcolm staring out of this window
I got a fiend with a dream
But all he want is a pop in his Brillo
Couldn't walk the turfs we ran
That's when dirt began
Pop his top with the pillow
For real though
My shooters still shittin' up
Fist to cuffs, stomach and ribs didn't touch
Huh, stop waitin' until shit adjust
Adjust shit, or stand around sittin' ducks, nigga

[Verse 3: Willie the Kid]
Close encounters, cognac, negotiatin'
Counter offers screw business, corner offers
Crew came from the corner, oh we know it's profit
Hand gun in my pocket, politicin' topics
The black Michael Dukakis
Do a buck on Ducatis
Residential, ducking cops, Kamikaze
I'm too modest, I'm cocky
Rock Le Coq Sportif
Black Jeep, sports package, relax in the suite
Sweet dreams never nightmares I stare at the Beach
I'm makin' love drink mad water, get enough sleep
I'm gettin' paid in my sleep, you niggas fake gridin'
My steak knife cut the lamb shank, I went Bondin'
I'm buying properties, see returns, I'm gettin' turnt
Cuban cigars get burnt
Equestrian on my shirt
Kick a nigga down the stairs now you eatin' Sherbert
Yeah, hospital gown, could have got murdered, TCP

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Songwriter(s): Eto, V Don, Avenue Rapper, Willie the Kid
Record Label(s): 2018 Serious Soundz
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