Take Me Back
Trae Tha Truth
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Take Me Back Lyrics

Say you remember that shit?
Talkin' 'bout them days nigga
Where we pull up nigga stay-flo starched down
Pants standing up on theyself (I pray they take me back)
Big ass nugget mothaf*ckin' earrings (I pray they take me back)
Fake ass gold chains nigga fake (I pray they take me back)
Mothaf*ckin golds in our mouths (I pray they take me back)
We the coolest niggas on earth mane, Starter jackets (I pray they take me back)
Gummies, flat tops (I pray they take me back)
Nigga remember all that shit mane (I pray they take me back)
Couldn't tell me shit in my mothaf*ckin' life (I pray they take me back)

Late nights sweet talkin' on the mothaf*ckin' phone
Thinkin we muhf*ckin R&B stars an' shit
And ya ass had to beat that curfew
Or ya ass was gettin a ass woopin nigga (yeah)

Thinkin' bout them early days like "What the f*ck I did with life?"
Funny how fast time'll past and make you pray to live it twice
Overalls and British Knights
Spray painted the Huffy bike
Just to ride the block like I'm the shit pull up on something nice
She was wearing daisy dukes finger waves and hoopsins
Baskets from the grocery store just to shoot some hoops in
Corner store passing up them old niggas under the trees
Yelling out look out but I keep going its 90°
Hoping ain't no dogs loose
Might just have to switch routes
Plus I want my kool cup
She better not be sold out
Gun be lookin' wop sided, leanin' like its fallin' over
Grease fallin on my shoulder
Still I feel cool like the polar

(I pray they take me back)
I was playa though
(I pray they take me back)
Days like that made me who the f*ck I am man
(I pray they take me back)
I remember mothaf*ckin me an' boss stepping out
Jay'ton ain't old enough to come out so he gotta stay at the crib
Madder than a mothaf*cka
(I pray they take me back)
Nigga used to pull up at the skating ring nigga
Nigga any mothaf*ckin' broad we want nigga we gon' shoot our shot
Lord knows prolly ain't get them hoes anyway but f*ck it
(Check it)

Doing things we had no business
Had me feeling like a menace
Hopping over gates and nigga knocking running like a scrimmage
Somewhere in and out my granny house she yelling close the door
Soon as she flip out and get that switch, oh shit its time to go
What you know
Older brother on his way to juvenile
Jackin' cars begging them to ride but I was just a child
All I knew was a lot of laws, movies had us running wild
Gold tooth, open face, I wanted it just to smile
Couldn't get it, hit Beauty Supply and got the fake instead
Pager on my waist and stolen candy tryna make some bread
Stole my partna daddy gun bet no one go'n take my shoes
All about respect I knew to make a move or stay confused

(I pray they take me back)
I'm talkin' 'bout them Stadium Bowl days nigga
Round that time nigga nigga seen Menace to Society, Boyz 'n the Hood nigga
Erythang Dickie down nigga
You'd have thought we were the biggest mothaf*ckin' gangstas in the city
I love that shit though man
Them the mothaf*ckin' days man
I can't tell about all this new shit going on right now
But I remember what the f*ck we had going on back then
Remember them mothaf*ckin' Rolex banners
Young nigga diggin', you knew him, crazy lil' mothaf*cker though
Motherf*ckin' brother nigga, I ain't forgot this shit

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