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Breathe Easy Lyrics

Troy AVE, straight out of NYC
I rep that BSB and yeah, the streets feel me
I touch their heart when I speak
I'm touching women in sheets
I'm touching money off keys
I'm touching boys like a priest
With the heat blessing teeth
I'm in tour, pop the core
Celebrating, getting O
Fighting cases in this court
Some lost, but they really won
‘Cause shit, what they really done could get them triple life
Or the chair, all in gear one
365 I am free and alive
I'm too blessed to be stressed, thank the Lord in my eyes
Can't forget my cerebral, on point like a needle
I know some niggas be haters and bitter bitches are evil
You see the Devil's a liar, Troy Ave is the truth
My homie Trae is same
Ain't no chuck in the booth
Ask my burrow for proof, they'll say I really did it
Open statutes for some so we'll never get specific

Yeah, breathe easy
Breathe easy
Breathe easy
Yeah, breathe easy

I keep a round like Dillinger, hundred rounds in the cylinder
Disrespect what I'm repping and I'll leave you stinking like vinegar
Got a plug named silica other side of that border
Abandoned houses full of bricks, living room like hoarders
Cancel your order, the work is kidnapping your daughters
He does in silence, he'll hit you with a list and a quarter
30 or greater, I'm here to hang my dick on a hater
I'm still the king walking these streets, it ain't gonna be nothing greater
Niggas get checks, no deposit, end up in critical sleeping Ain't nothing funny with your leaking jaw wide, no speaking
My nigga boss up in the kitchen whipping something we tweaking
You can smell that shit for blocks, white blocks I'm speaking
Used to take on my section, while niggas wait they blister
Oh, yeah, I'mma send somebody else in a state of depression
Ain't no rule for being hungry, p*ssy niggas better feed me
Truly on the waist, niggas better breathe easy

Yeah, breathe easy
Breathe easy
Breathe easy
Yeah, breathe easy
ROB out the CPT, rep that DLG
Breathe easy
Yeah, breathe easy

Count of California, repping high
Step on any nigga that think to talk crazy about my city
Wide click clack, bang bang, no shitty
Tech spit, you be neckless, we ain't having that without no titties
Camera photo, shopping in Soho
In the Audi photo blowing dodo, whipping this solo
Watching for popo, calling up your hoe
She coco, hitting the bear, yelling out yolo
I love this show, boo
I'm not used to you, avian, that's my Houston crew
…guns Arabian, bang them till they reduce your crew
Hating until you Lucifer, I'm tryna kill a whack shit
‘Cause really it's a problem, don't confuse that with no rap sheet
You talking like the nigga, won't you prove it with your actions?
I'm living your dreams, I can prove it with them actions
Long way from motherf*cker

Yeah, breathe easy
Breathe easy
Breathe easy
Yeah, breathe easy

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