Intention To Kill Lyrics

[Verse 1]
f**k them hoes that's them boys runnin' they motherf**kin' cap
When I jump up out the dark I'm makin' bitches heart collapse
And yes it's a fact I dress in black I won't be seen
I'll be tippin' through the darkness
strapped like Jap and to the extreme
If you bitches feel threatened by my presence speak yo mind
I'm Mack Ramsey and it's a fact you need to know I'm one of a kind
Killin' dumpin' jackin' bitches but when I die, I want yac
And I hope y'all got love cause I got love for thugs and macks
You should trill what I'm speakin' if ya hear me feelin' my love
When the shit get to jumpin' niggaz shakin' from them double eye slugs
I still see it in my mind how they twitch and shake
I jump up sweatin' grippin' my sheets so I stay awake
I smoke chronic everyday but still a nigga trapped
By the voices and the sound when his backbone snapped
But weak bitches claimin' killer make me dig a ditch
And demonstrate a brutal killin' wid a brutal click

We be creepin' up like guerillas, we killas
My real niggaz that mob wid a bustin' mask
Act a nut, when I grip shit

[Verse 2]
Intentions to kill let me explain how I think and act
I respect what's real, and represent only thugs and macks
I got love for the corner, it might sound strange but I truly do
The corner was there for me so the corner is there for you
You youngsters stay bout it
And stack yo cheese and don't trick for hoes
My bitch is like oxy vogues get me jacked I kick down the door
So speak on Lil Ramsey, it make no difference my shit legit
You hoes better understand I created this scandalous click
It's Lil Ramsey from Magnolia, still the same
ain't gon' change for shit
I'm the one who started MCC the founder of this click
So nigga when you hear it, you can feel it
what I speak is true Magnolia Crown Click
MGO this junt here just for you
My nigga Trilly Will blessed wid game
Blessin' a house and hoe my niggaz bout they hog
Ten toes down and I know ya know
See this what's so excitin' so intriguin' yes I keep a rus'
My mind is so complex, it'll bust if I can't adjust
Confused as it may sound, understandin' that's the major key
So if you hear the message, then I know that you can feel it
Leave my nature high tech mackin' never slackin'
ain't no need to lack a nigga always trackin'
tryna stack, but them crosses fat

[Hook x4]

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