Dazed And Confucius Lyrics

Mum said:
"Skag, Fred?
Of course
Try horse."
But Fred
Shook head -
Wet eyed
Clean room,
Sweep broom,
Pass test -
Do best."
"Oh, son,
No fun:
Here's crack;
Try smack.
For jerks."
"But mum,
Listen -
One day
Straight A's
I'll get.
Damn it,
'S worth it."
I knit
I fold;
I hold
You tight
At night -
Now you
Think you
Know all!
Gone all
Straight guy!
Where'd I
Go wrong?
Have bong,
Don't whinge -
No sums;
No son
Of mine
Can't find
Sink scoob,
Miss food,
Skip school,
Break rule,
Paint train,
Kill brain;
Here Fred,
Acid -
Drop it.
Stop it,
This bluff:
Straight stuff's
A bore.
No more.
You'll part
Mum's heart."
Fred spoke:
"I'll toke,
Oh no,
On no
Drug pipe
No bong.
It's wrong!
Rots brain.
Need rest:
Maths test
Friday -
Good day."
So said
Son Fred.
'nuff said.
Go to bed.

Wanna be in the Avant Garde
But I'll never do it, it's just too hard
I can wear the clothes like a pinehead
But when it's 10: 30 I'm off to bed

Go to bed, go to bed, go to bed, go to be-e-e-ed
go to bed, go to bed, go to be-e-e-ed (x3)

Week night discos, late night movies
Are indispensable to be called groovy
My friends, they go out at 11 pm
I'm meant to be in bed an hour before then
Go to be-e-e-ed.

They go to clubs then they go beszerk
Well I go to bed then I go to work.
They look at me and shake their heads
Just like they did when their mum said
Go to be-e-e-ed (x3)
Go to bed
bed, bed (x8)

Some pigs came 'round to my place
With their helicopters and their SWAT hats
The pigs came 'round, they said
"We know you've been doing some of the H, boy,
we know you've been doing some of the H"
I said "I've not been doing H, I've not been doing H, pig.
I've got some skeg here"
They said "That's not what we're talking about, boy"
I said "I've got some cocaine here"
and they said "No, boy, no, boy"
I said "I've got some horse here"
and they said "No, boy, that's not what you've been doing.
You've been doing some of the homework, some of the hardcore homework.
Look at your pupils boy, all distended with homework.
Look at those hardcore homework eyes."
And they looked under my bed and they found my algebra book
And they looked on top of my cupboard
and they found my English grammar book.
And they said to me "You've been doing that homework, boy."
And I said "I'm dying, pig I'm. . .I'm dying."
They said to me "You're gone boy. You're dying, you're dying."

I wanna go to bed
I wanna go to bed

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Record Label(s): 1990 Genre B Goode

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