How Low Lyrics

Yo so I'm gonna rap really fast in this rap today because rapping really
Fast makes you sound like a really good raper even though you suck so
Embrace yourselves for a really fast rap that makes no sense at all let's
Do this how low can you go x8
I can't go really low cause I ain't a pro and I love to play with my toe
My pants are way to tight if I go to low I might even cause a fright I'm
Not gonna lie just kill the fly I'm a secret spy who loves to bake pies I'm
Really in the mood for some chicken thighs how low ca you go once upon a
Time I went to burger king so I made myself a really big ring cause I like
To wear lots of bling when I go outside to play ping pong I bought a new
Remote controller I am an amazing bowler and I like polar bears their
Pretty awesome I can't go really low but I like to blow bubbles with my
Bendy straw I bought a saw to cut down trees I was about to sneeze so
Instead I cut the cheese oh man I found a can let's change our names to Ann
And go outside and tan our buts off word how low can you go x8 this song
Makes no sense at all so I bought a ball I'm gonna stop sinnging now and
Continue to rap really fast ok Santa claus I'm the burger king I like to
Sing about the spring and how lovely fried chicken tastes when inside a
Mayonnaise I love to eat meat but I never cheat cheat look at my arm I just
Drew a farm I really like to stare at light bulbeswhen they are really
Bright and shiny cause they make my head real tiny I turned my cat into a
Water bottle people say I'm really weird so I'm gonna grow a beard maybe
That will change thier mind or else I'm gonna buy some blinds this is my
Rubiks cube her name is Fran she acts like a man I bought myself a
Weightset just to look fancy I've never been on steroids but thanks for
Asking anyway this is my cookie and I like to stare out windows how low can
You go x8 cut it hold on why are we talking about this why do we care about
How low we can go this song is not even about going low it's about cats and
Water bottles polar bears and bendy straws cookies and me come on guys lets
Be serious now seriousness is really boring look I'm already snoring let's
Just end this song right here cause I'm turnig into a really big turtle

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Record Label(s): 2010 Thecomputernerd01
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