Get It How I Live Lyrics

(Feat. Spirit & Truth)

Let's get it

Some say save your life to get money
This house I roll or it's no way
This way I roll and it's nowhere
Get it how I live, I'ma live how I get it

True story, now I'm fixing the truth is my addiction
Convey you my conviction the prostitute...
This life is used to lived em and my mission
And listen deeper than you're calling just... for Christian
Holla than hem riches somebody y'all...
Hey y'all be... get your own...
The same hustle in the...
Charging the block
They sell something even punch you
But even while, yes I'm hip hopper than stop
The... I'm rappin on em been across the border
So I won't... my message
The only reason I'm rappin to get your hands clappin
But again I'ma show up that you blow on the scene we're winnin
We're bout to give God the glory
That's my survival story
Some sell em lies and you are...
They cross your glory but I ain't worthy I ain't be in my name A James
I got faith in the vision I'm just paint in the game

2 x Chorus:
Some say save your life to get money
This house I roll or it's no way
This way I roll and it's nowhere
Get it how I live, I'ma live how I get it

What you really want for me to keep affront
I put the savior in the front play the back like a Dj
Humble and know to get it poppin
You just a... copy this ain't... cocky
But no hater just stop em
... to read the gospels not the monopoly
You're bout to be droppin on your knees
And please take... and... prophecies
I see some... for liars and helicopters please
Through all the... and blow you out the air
You know you wrong and better be aware
Just be prepared for it, who got the power
Who got the paper, who lying
You just a customer you dealin with some...
And got this rappers who be holla and Christ
You better holla with em and the right
And got Christian to rap, scared... price
They... to grow up and man his way he gone over
The game is over

[2 x Chorus:]

Just take a look at the back of your dollar bill
There's an ancient control for all over the map they appeal power
But got a... the tower the wall... and religion got a crashing towere
It's been about the money and drugs
And then the system dug and they... on wax
And got the rappin on...
Hip hop and took the element and got to... rock
And sales it never fails, it calls you a puff...
Behind the black tint, higher than the government
You want the fame I am a king not a... in the game
Best believe got a... I gotta brain with the long...
Love and pain that I love with
This is my lane
I got a brain with the long brain...
Love and paint that I love with
All that I game is Christ

[2x Chorus:]

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