Triangleship Lyrics (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Baby, I wanna, I wanna get you to understand
I love you, and I love her too
But that may be too much for you to deal with
So I wrote a song about it, you wanna hear?
Well, here we go

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
My life is Mardi Gras
And she's the life of the party, y'all
It's like ring around her rosy
When I came around they chose me
And I make 'em feel famous, famous, famous, famous
Winner circle, square don't fit
And I'm caught up in a triangleship
Living life in a triangleship
And I'm caught up in a triangleship
Living life in a triangleship
And I'm caught up in a triangleship

[Verse 1: Terrace Martin]
Yup, I'm caught up in the middle of this love thing
I keep trying to escape the ball and chain
My main dame holds me down for the winter season
My side piece just a winner, that's for many reasons
Insecurities inside of myself
Have me not be able to picture you with nobody else
I'm caught up between two beautiful women
Who both could clean and play their position – it's like
I know I'm wrong, but I can't seem to get it right
Process of elimination, hell of a decision to make
Take two and add me
Never knew a real commitment would ever involve three
The one she got a temper, always make sure I'm fair
The other one she leaves me lonely cause she's focused on the bread
Yeah, can a man ever be so lucky?
I guess that's why these women don't trust me
A 3ChordFold


[Verse 2: Terrace Martin]
It's hard being the star of a plot when
Love and lust at the same time got them
So I doubled up, put five on, they got ten
Gambled with their hearts, had the ball and I dropped it
To leave would be the death of me, dearly departed
Don't know how I got by being partially honest
A thin line between love and hate
Yeah, I crossed it, wait
Love is no guarantee, I got options
Fate, it's me and her, it's me and she
Multiple choices, not A and B
A test I was destined to fail for sure, boy
Rather be stingy than to see you hugging on old boys
Oh boy, I'm just a man with a lot of love to give
And hope you understand it was never my intent
To mislead neither of you, but it is what it is
Cupid tried to aim straight, but I guess cupid missed


Deep in his love
Not sure if that's what this still is
We used to get away, love, play
Innocent as kids then
Something else happened
We wanted different things
Days turned to nightmares
And over time things changed
Life is funny that way
Time is money, and my bank statement states
That I'm in need of more than fuss and fights and making up
And waking up after watching me sleep
Just singing songs about moving on
Cause trust ain't slept here in weeks
So let's leave
We talk about 'til color fades from the leaves and falls again
And winter wind springing up in the same thing
Still here
Summer crystal blue sky clear
We just living on love
From hearts trenched and trembling in fear
Chord one, the free loader

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