Mo Problems


Mo Problems Lyrics

Hungh ah ungh...........
Told em'
You ain't mad hungh
Mafia lot
Mafia lot
Hoodlumz J Prince
Y'all know how we do it

[Verse 1:]

We switch it up like wings
Watch it blow up
Hoes show up
Have the club Sho'Nuff
Mista Baller
Good Times like Jimmie Walker
And I'mma talk shit cause i'mma shit talker
And if you come cross the
Its gon' cost ya
And if you ain't short ya
It ain't my fault-cha'
Probably just caught you a 5 to 10
That's 15 from the mob blowin' hard on ya' chin
Hold on lil' bitch here think she grown
I'm in the back of the club with the Chrys alone
And I tell ya' these hoes wont leave me alone
Bounce through it ??????????
She saw the vacations, play stations
Sippin' on cases
Eatin' on steaks and
Ask for God to show me a sign
To show that the game is mine
He Showed Me!!!!!

[Chorus: Repeat 1]
(It's like no bitch will a slow this
And a slow bitch is a no bitch
and a pro bitch broke bitch
and a broke bitch is mo' problems mo' shit
It's like no bitch will a slow this
And a slow bitch is a no bitch
and a pro bitch broke bitch
and a broke bitch is mo' problems mo' shit

[Verse 2:]

I do this the hard way
I love to play
Shit come between me and Jay
Unh unh no way
This is a private flight only ballers stay
And if you leave ya' key we'll rip the cheese out cha' case
See ya'll some middle weights
Wanna stop the Ace
Sabotage my sell thats a bad mistake
Whole Deuce Deuce need to be put in place
Now step to the side the cake fly in my face
And if ain't got ties with you
Ain't gon' ride with you
Ain't gon' ride with you, ain't gon' die with you
Silly motherf*ckas ain't hard to find
Say you lookin' for me just look behind
Cuz we be so deep at the compound lounge
And the shit that you did it ain't slip my mind
Now if it be the first, the second, the third time
Motherf*ckas gon' have to mind


[Verse 3:]

9-9, us now bust down the whole brick
Is ya'll niggas loosing respect mind playing tricks
Be broke doing shows aint' dat bout' a bitch
This is Rap-A-Lot baby we ain't hurtin' for shit
When I'm tryin' to figure out what to jump out and in
And you tryin' to figure out what yo budget to spend
It ain't hard to see that you some gay village men
And thats why yo ass be fading in the wind
When I flip the scene
Change the beam
Niggas got bread went from red to green
Editors patronizing me and my team
So I shit on Mic Checks and pist on ya' magazines
Come through clean
Slow like lean
Car with a bar 24 inch screen
Freshed out drapes
Roll like skates
Surprise open eyes ain't no stopping the great
(No Way)

[Chorus x3]

You broken bitch
Now fix ya' self

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