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Sequel! Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lover Boy]
This is no reaction
This is no apology for how my ass been acting
How the hell this happen? After dropping "Cranston"
People like "Oh shit, is Tabby really out here rapping?"
Yessiree, you betcha, my trigger finger active
Pointing out mistakes like when Michael Scott left Scranton
As long as I got issues, you won't ever see this pen quit
Blend of right and left, my mental been that ambidextrous

[Verse 2: Orange Boy]
(Uh) Back on my bullshit, can't you tell?
Fashion on Fanta, go grab Kel
Flash on the camera, blues turn red
Toss out ya disc, I'm too Krillin
Telling myself, “Your debut's shit”
Ha, you know me well
Look at my skin like "Who spilled milk?"
Cried like the boy made two sequels
ODB with pitch up
Voice ain't deep as my best lyrics
But the cat can still deliver
Like he never left that Erbs & Gerbs
Been about as bitter as a liberal in a Bernie shirt
Put your spin on everything
But this right here that learnin' curve
[Verse 3: Lover Boy]
Yeah, and that ain't even half of it (Ain't even half of it)
Step up to the mic, and we'll surely have a laughing fit (Ha ha ha ha)
Why so hyper masculine in lady clothes? You fabulous (Fabulous)
That flow cocooned like caterpillar came out like it's cattle piss
(Bleugh) Ya nasty, why my beard so daphne?
This Tabby vs. savior complex honkies Mathers stanning (Yeah)
It's only 9 A.M and I'm already f*cking pissed? (f*cking pissed)
I know you fellas get your dick sucked, please stop making it a skit

[Verse 4: Orange Boy]
Dude, my mood could use some improvement
Get green smoothies and tattoos of the chakras
Think you woke, do I hear "Frere Jacques?"
Get big off of one hit and saying Pac sucked
Y'all treat this shit like a potluck but y'all brought chips
Where the salsa? Where the protein? Where the food at?
'Bout to boot your ass out the group chat
Student of the game, I'm f*ckin' with the 90's
The Roots, Tang, NWA just so old-heads like me
Every white rapper spitting fast as Ricky Bobby, man
They wear Golf, I'll werewolf and beat ‘em it's like La La Land

[Verse 5: Lover Boy]
Oh my God, so obvious you from Wisconsin
Your lines suck, offending none, you're like Bryan Bulaga
Moved to Minnesota (Yeah), jotted all these proverbs
Went to open mic then finally found out both your balls dropped (Yeah)
Met a kid named Dylan, sent his link on SoundCloud
Did that lo-fi shit, you thought he had potential (Yes I did)
Asked him for a beat, he sent you "Cranston" in an hour (Shit)
Verse one said the rest, so peachfuzz! means the world is ours
[Verse 6: Orange Boy]
And f*ck these B.O.B.'s, if earth is flat, then so is Cardi
Probably shuffle still to Party Rock, your ass is lookin' sorry
My drive a steady pace and still you're ridin' right behind me
Put this car in park and wreck your whip like I'm Ansari
Y'all 'bout fake as NBA sprained ankles
Some natural disasters like hurricane James Franco
I'm that K Dot tape with J. Cole
Bino/Chance, Madvillainy 2
Season 5 of Samurai, jacking styles is all you can do

[Bridge: Orange Boy]
Man, why these rappers' bread & butter
Be claims they made a sound, that's been around since the first Carter?
Story old as time like origin of Peter Parker
This that chump change, make dime-a-dozen's shut the f*ck up

[Verse 7: Orange Boy]
I'ma kick groins to get shit going, don't slip Freud
These pricks poignant toward bitcoin
When crimson's true crypto, nitwit, noise
Stay Off-White, the cost hypebeast boy bite when form right
You dorks fight on forums with keyboard strikes till foe like
“Yeah you're right”
But both sides got thick skulls, 'cept this ain't no porn site
Bitch click off, my patience keeps upchucking, it's supper
It's thin now 'cause white f*cks act all tough
Play who's blindest to color
The vibe that y'all can't feel
Killed quick when your ass stepped in
No Method Man, these Daniel Days
Just act all phased, say jack shit
Poindexter pushing up glasses
“All lives actually matter!”
f*ck your two cents, you don't get It
I'm Pennywise to you kids thinking that privilege is a big myth
Hi, I'm Hyneman, tsk tsk, I might go Savage, hear the clip click
One eye open like Slick Rick and blast you crackers to Crispix
But snow fallen won't find revival through witch
Kiss my honky ass, y'all just white nose Rat to 5-0
Goodnight Fifel

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