Final Fantasy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All the little freaky things I like to do to you
A fantasy that I would like to have inside your room
If you assumed that everything I say to you is true
Then you must think I die behind these words I say in booth
Often you run through my mind, and it feel like the zoo
Runnin' this way, runnin' that way, at a fast pace, in the fast lane
To my last name, I'm the last pain, if you ask me f*cking
My heart just speak to mind
And then, my mind, it tell me something
Tell me what it takes to open up and get you loose
And we can talk until your eyes roll behind your tooth
And I'd assume that everything you say to me is true
By now, you know I want you, and I hope you want me too
Often you run through my mind, and it feel like the zoo
Runnin' this way, runnin' that way, at a fast pace, in the fast lane
I just want you now, so what you handing me?
Are you down to recreate my fantasy

[Chorus 1]
You know I been fiendin'
It's been a minute since I had it, you know I been dreamin'
Don't act brand new, me and you both been schemin' on it
And you still my bitch, but you know I been fiendin' for it
You know I been fiendin' for it, you know I been-

[Verse 2]
We fall in love quickly unless it's on the move
In the beginning, it's all slippery and smooth
Two years, and we still bickin' it, bool
At least I hope so, uh (I hope so)
As of lately, we've been arguin', and it feel like the zoo
Throwin' this way, throwin' that way, f*ck the car up in the Batcave
Everlasting, 'til my last name, finna break up for real
We squash and keep the deal, don't even make up for real
You've been goin' out and say that you've been with your bitches
Thinkin' that I'm goin' out and f*ckin' on my mistress
You don't even act like you love me, shit's different
You don't even know your love's the only thing I'm missin'
Comin' in late, I did, like, three songs in the stu'
Tryna think of ways that I can, maybe, talk to you
And I know you understand me, but I understand you too
I'm tryna stick it through, I don't want nothin' new

[Verse 3]
P-p-pull up in my house, I see somebody in my spot
I walk up to the door, I see my shit is unlocked
I know this bitch don't got nobody in my house this late
Walk up to my bedroom seein' flashbacks and mistakes
Pullin' out my shit, you know I'm strapped, I keep the tool
In the hallway, I see a size twelve Jordan shoe
Walk inside the room, I see someone on top of you
I get to bustin' two, then I watch myself on morning news

[Chorus 2]
Life can't be like this for too long (You-you-you-you-you)
Can't keep on singin' the same songs
Mama always told me, "Boy, keep on"

[Verse 4]
Yeah, and it's a goddamn shame how I get down like this
Yeah, it's a goddamn shame how we get down like this
You used to be the only one for me, my down ass bitch
But now I'm blocked on everything
Tears on the kitchen sink
Still got the wedding ring
I call your phone, you let it ring
You claim I'm just a baby boy and how I'm just like Jody
But you don't understand, I understand what J. Cole told me
He said, "One man's pain is another man's pleasure"
"One damn thing you can't change is the weather"
But even if it rains, we get rained on together
So even if you change, I would change on you never
Yeah, how you run away from God and God's plans?
I leave it all in God's hands, am I advanced?
Ran dry, I can't afford to not record these days
All my time runs together, weekends and weekdays
I got all the songs we wrote along to on replay
It's easy to say I'm growin' up, but I don't wanna hold you up, so
Let me know if you don't feel what I feel
Maybe see what I see, or is it all behind me?
Am I trippin'? 'Cause Lord knows I'd be the first one to admit it
I'm not kiddin', uh, yeah
It's good riddance to my old ways, fasho
You probably moved on, but I just can't let you go
Yeah, don't got no therapy, I only got my notes
I know you not listenin', I just thought I'd let you know, yeah

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Songwriter(s): SwaVay
Record Label(s): 2019 DOLO RECORDS
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