Don't Look Back Lyrics

Way before I had the underground moving
Way before I started boolin'
We was writing in the class going stupid
Way before I knew Curtis
Way before I saw curtains
Wasn't even tryna get the shit perfect
Only thing that mattered was the songs when it surfaced
Protools or not didn't matter we was working
Super skinny denim
That was way before the jerking
All I thought about was ballin'
I ain't talking bout how Irving get it
Nigga we was spitting
Ever since I was a seed
All I knew that I was gifted
Had my mind on a pedestal cause I was never lifted
Focused on the lyrics way before the culture shifted
All I wanted was somebody to listen
But I don't like complaining
I ain't really into bitching
But times got rough
I mean
Times started switching
Only reason we was eating and had food in the kitchen
(is) cause the EBT showed me named brands & we was trippin'
Moving like the postal cause we really got evicted
I remember like it's nothing
We was moving on a Christmas
Moving out of town they looking at me like I'm different
Pops ain't called a nigga since he was a midget
Crazy how the closest people to you
Can be so f*cking distant
And that's probably why I started banging hard
Fingers twisted in the air
Grew some dreads in my hair
Just to show you that I don't give a f*ck when you approach me
And don't call me Andre
Nigga that's the old me
To keep the shit a buck
I don't even really know me
Couldn't recognize myself if you forced me & showed me
Thinking bout
Going out hard like I'm Kobe
But they treat me like I'm just another player like Ginobli
20 on my back as it approach me
Still a teenager
But I'm feeling like a vet
So when you talk about the kid
On my name show (put) respect
Niggas know I'd take one for the game
No vest
And thats till the f*cking day that I finally get to rest
19 years
If I die I never slept
And I left behind a masterpiece
Nigga I'm the best
Fear none but God
Got it tatted on my chest
And you know I'm bout the funk
And I never had to flex
That's a blood reference
Studying the game, I mean really rap lessons
Niggas got better & it's still no progression
Who run the city, my nigga, not a question
Only letting you lil niggas breathe
My blessings
But I can drop some shit today & stop the whole section
I'm the only nigga left
With a muthaf*cking message
And don't say you slept on a nigga
You was slept in
Labels picked up some niggas
Nigga I was left in
Whole f*cking cause of this stupid ass depression
Is the rap f*cking game
Got a nigga f*cking stressing
Who you know putting niggas on like it's nothing?
Who you know got yo favorite lil niggas buzzing?
Who you know really put work in blooding?
And who you know can still can get down with the cousins?
Mama don't like my music now cause I'm cussin' but
This to heal the pain
I ain't talking robitussin
I done seen it all
Idol niggas really turn p*ssy
If I ever told a lie
Tell them folks to come book me
They don't care about lyrics
Promoters never book me
Tell XXL it's too late to be a rookie
Tell these damn labels that it's too late to overlook me
Cause after this shit
They planning to overbook me
12 mixtapes
They was sleeping my nigga
After this I'm hitting licks if I ain't eating my nigga
Running up
Ice Cube'ing to your meeting my nigga
With a 30 f*cking clip and it's skeeting my nigga
Last year I almost died and I'm still screaming f*ck that
Niggas getting hungry and they want to know where the buck at
Hard my nigga?
Boy you everything but that
Staying in the studio
You nothing but a tough act
Bitch I'm from Atlanta
I can show you where some tough at
Nigga f*ck your BB Gun
I'll show you where to bust at
I'ma come clean
You can do everything but rap
This my shit nigga
Die quick nigga
And if I don't get a grammy off this shit then they racist
Niggas really rapping
But they only know who Drake is
No disrespect
But I put it on my set
If I sign to OVO the whole world gon' f*cking play this
I ain't tryna get a check
I'm just trying to be the greatest
All praise to Jehovah
I don't really know who Jay is
I ain't being disrespectful
I ain't really playing
But i'll die before you call yourself the greatest
f*ck you saying nigga

(Yeah, yeah)
I'm the--
I'm the

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Songwriter(s): SwaVay
Record Label(s): 2016 DOLO
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