Who We Be Lyrics

They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be

[Verse 1]
What they don't know is I ain't the one to f*ck with, I can't be played
We been came with an objective, mean we can't be swayed
I know exactly what I want, my mind can't be changed
I ain't new to the game, I'm young, but I ain't stuck in no ways
f*ck who name is on the bag, you know I gots to get paid
You know I come from "if we don't buy now, we gon' do layaway"
Me said, "I'm good with my money so get the f*ck out my way"
I know exactly who eatin' and how much food on my plate
I know advance from a budget, record at home, I don't touch it
Real nigga in my veins, half of me tellin' me, "f*ck it"
Run the money, blow that shit, where's that burner shit? Flush it
You came a ways from construction, you were so close to destruction
So what the f*ck is the money? That shit ain't up for discussion
You got enough to feed the whole hood, put chains on they stomach
So spend that shit 'til you plummet
You from the hood, you supposed to
f*ck them niggas, get everything that they owe you

They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be

[Verse 2]
Look, what they don't know is
Struggle runnin' adjacent to niggas like it's a track meet
Niggas want [?] and money, I've never been no Gatsby
Five on the tank with my mans just for the gas fee
Dope in my Vans, cash in my pants, this from last week
Wiggle with our hands, and they work, get your ass beat
Surrounded by hood rat hoes, it's no vasties
They don't wanna see a nigga when I'm Bobby Lashley
They don't wanna see a nigga shine, they want me ashy
"Now tell me what they gave you in advance," is what they ask me
"Tell me that you looked out for your mans," is what they ask me
"You Illuminati, devil got you by your ass, beat
You a different nigga, you forgot we shared a class, see...
I knew when you got money, you'd be actin' different
How could I expect you be a man if your daddy missin'
You ain't no chosen one, you ain't no son of Kendrick
You ain't had no pot to piss in, now you suby, pockets glisten
I know niggas like you, I know niggas spite you
You ain't put no niggas on, hope your hand bite you
I hope label drop you, I hope label take your chain
We ain't talk in a minute, that's a goddamn shame
My mentality got me f*cked up, I should've been where you is
If I had the same opportunities, I'd be too big
Niggas lookin' at you, you ain't know, you must be stupid
This jealousy is power, you a lie, you a flu, bitch
f*ck you, SwaVay, f*ck DOLO, f*ck your new bitch
f*ck the car you bought, you's a opp, f*ck your new crib
f*ck your management, f*ck your friends, f*ck your Instagram
If you die today, on mommy 'n them, I would not give a damn
You a representation of all these rap niggas
Rep the hood, matter of fact, you would never look back, nigga
You ain't real, you ain't for the culture, you ain't no black nigga
Your new shit lame, back in the day, you was that nigga
Rappin' bout–"

They don't know–

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Songwriter(s): SwaVay
Record Label(s): 2019 DOLO RECORDS
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