Burn One Down Lyrics

Styles P:]
Vinny Idol nigga
YEAH~! Flipsyde

[Flipsyde (Styles P):]
And I'm gonna burn one down (gonna burn..)
Burn one down (this song.. the f*ck..)
And I'm gonna burn one down (DOWN.. YEAH!)
Burn one down

[Styles P:]
I don't care if it's a blunt or a mic right
If it's daytime I'm lookin forward to night lights
Real street cat, but you know that I'm nice right
And I ain't got to cram, but in a minute I might write
And I don't want that, I want somethin that burn long
A lot of money and a long career that could earn strong
Burn one down this time with the Flipsyde
Burn one down for the homies with sick rides
Burn one down; I'm the one that put the fire on the track
I'm the +Ghost+, so I got the hood, +ridin+ on my back
Ain't no front door, I'm the one slidin through the back
You want heat? I'm the one that's providin you with that
What? Nigga

[Chorus: Flipsyde (Styles P)]
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Set or strip, it's money to get, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Dutch or wood, club or hood, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Mic on rapid, know what I'm after, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Crew or click, wheover you get, nigga) Burn one down
[Styles P:]
Third one down; if you in the top five rappers
then you should be a concerned one now
I take anybody, one turn, one round
Just to get the crown, keep your round on the ground
None of y'all is big, not to be funny but
none of y'all is Big, keep talkin that king shit
none of y'all can live, cause I be on the streets where
none of y'all is, it's funny y'all is
talkin 'bout how much money y'all get
But I'm 'bout to show the game how cruddy I get
Burn one down like a log in the fireplace
Whoever think they're the king well come along and try the ace
Yeah, nigga~!


[Styles P:]
Burn an MC like an arsonist
Tell him I'm the hardest in the game when he market it
Seven-six-oh, L.I. and it's carpeted
Five blunts rolled right up where the locket is, YEAH
Is that so ill, I spit like the flames
out the back of the Batmobile; yeah I rap but
you gon' be a rat fo' real, D-Block
Double R nigga clap yo' steel
Burn one down, in a dutch or a wood or a Swisher Sweet
If it's goin down watch the whole hood lift the heat
And I'ma blow cause it's my turn now
Pass the dutch motherf*cker, I'ma burn one down


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Songwriter(s): Ferreira, Randy Ousley, Knight, Middleton
Record Label(s): 2007 CMP
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