Of Steel And Ancient Might


Of Steel And Ancient Might Lyrics

You impose a god on us, which we can't understand
you force us to obey his laws, you refuse human rules
you spit on mother earth and creation itself
you slay and destroy, in hate and disrespect
you rape, you steal, you kill, you burn, you take our rights
you take our lives, you take all that's sane
you turn it into sin, you cheating liars
You call us demons and burn us at the stake
though you can break our bodies on the rack
believe me if I say you'll never break our faith
You ravage the earth and claim it belongs to you (a gift from god)
but can you hold what you destroyed?
you keep on preaching love, in the name of the same god (in whose name you kill)
Let me tell you your words are a nonsense
a paradoxal joke with no happy ending, you have a mission
but what's the use to know where you're going
when you forgot from where you came?
Silent we wait in the shadows of the night
still heathen fury burning in our hearts the sharpest steel is at our side never we'll forgive, we'll never forget and none will be spared
expect no mercy 'cause no mercy you will find
no prayer can save you where is your god now? We will be laughing as you die
rotten, corrupted you are too weak to fight
we own the truth, we have the power and the right and we shall prevail
We'll get back, what's due to us by right
for all your crimes we will make you pay
hear your tongues for vengeance they cry out
feel our blades so dry they thirst for blood our blades thirst for your blood
2000 years have passed, and yet our faith is strong
as clean as air as bright as fire, as pure as water and
as sacred as this earth, we still walk with pride
I have a question how does it feel to know
centuries of tortures and persecutions couldn't destroy us
you made us stronger feeding our hate not fear how does it feel we're here to stay

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Record Label(s): 1999 Stormlord
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