Baton Down The Hatch Lyrics

Wipe out
Way out
Stupid atrocity
Cut out
Far out
Esprit de cour
Get off
Too much
Here come baton again
Get out
Conquer the mine
X out
X out
Kill evil overlord
X out
X out
Empty the trash
X out
X out
Nothing worth saving that's laid hand or word to the bowels of time

Various passage ways
Breaking the famous vase
And you make no mistake
Theres no way out
The sounds of the battle meant
Bloody bones rattle them
Screaming and screaming let me out
Desporting and flaring the sounds of an alien
Wailing and wailing let me out
Yon espra politics and for thip suda pod

In the year 663 you came here you were looking for p*ssy and money and war
Then the war came and its not just a game and they make you kill people hey that's what its for
Then the streets that had been fun start to run with blood and the guts of the friends you won't meet
And you want to feel like its your fault but it also feels like you have no agency can't you see?
In the year 664 you abhor what you once found fulfilling and easy and kind
In fact the only pleasure you now revel in is taking acid and losing your mind

I'm a spirit with a secret gift of hearing all the thoughts and wishes of the killers rapists and the damned
And I can tell you with impunity the things they want are uglier than anything that you and I could ever have imagined
Its not just that they're criminal I mean they're evil man there evil
So in their heads they are kids playing sticks just pretend
Obla di obla da words will end death sentence
'Cept the hand that beats you is still your friend
666 the year of murder disease
Isn't it so funny that men can't be free
In the end the mountain explodes the nation
Good bye!

Welcome to hell world just stay
You forfeit all your right to judge it
And go straight to the mine with you
I was just thinking how malicious
It'd be to make you say all your wishes
But I guess it defeats the purpose
That's more like it
Bite the hand despite everything all that
I can't believe that you thought hell would be a better match
I can't believe that you thought death would be an easy pass
I can't believe that I caught you and johnny doing math
I don't think these numbers add
Shut the f*ck up
Close your eyes and baton down the hatch
Oh god I'm free at last
Beat you with a billy club a rod a twig a piece of wood
Ill hit you in your pretty face just let me get my evil staff

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