The Van Lyrics

(Mr. Heart)
In the Van, drunk driving, pulled over by the cops
Swipe a gun from they holster, lickin' off shots
Sped off in a flash, Mashin' on the gas
Gotta helicopter hovering, above, on my ass

(Mr. Diamond)
There's a black van followin you, a figure driving
Shimmerin' diamonds, on his wrist, no survivin'
It's wartime, and you caught in the middle of it
We plant you in the dirt, head first and love it

(Mr. Spade)
The van was loaded up to the max with guns
Mr Diamond said he know where we could get some funds
Out this bank in North Hollywood, Full-body armor suit,
if the pigs come my way, You know Im'a shoot

(Mr. Heart)
In the Van, through a tunnel, headed strait for a truck
What the f**k, so I bust, till I blow that bitch up
All over the road, madman in the van
No love, Mr. Heart, keep a weapon on hand

4 killers on the loose (THE VAN!!)
Got these guns 'bout to shoot (THE VAN!!)
Punk, bust through you (THE VAN!!)
What the f**k you gonna do? when you see (THE VAN!!)

(Mr. Spade)
Im in the van windows tinted, a crime was committed
The police'll never find out a Soopa Villain did it
Up in the van, bodies wrapped up in saran,
Give me a hand, and murder was a part'a the plan

(Mr. Heart) In the van headed straight for the window
at a bank
Right, through the glass, Soopa Villainz what you think
Pop! Pop! Shoot this bitch up, put the money in the
Mob off in the van, drop a bomb for the blast

(Mr. Diamond)
We in the van, with a dead fag, wrapped in a bag
That we draggin' behind us, they never gon' find us
Soopa Villainz in the van, bandanas on the plates
And we barrelin' through, the shopping zone with no

(Mr. Spade)
Load up the van with all the cash, inside Fort Knox
Then back to the hood, and park it on the hot block
For the traffic stop, keep the glock cocked, for the
When he ask for my license, pistols go "Pop! Pop!"


(Mr. Diamond)
When the Van Backfires, somebody dies
Whoever ridin' behind us catches shrapnel to the eyes
The whole grill fulla hair, skin, tissue, and blood
97 miles an hour makes a hell of a thud

(Mr. Spade)
In the van, you might hear a bitch scream
Rollin down ya block like B.A. from the A-team (I pity
the fool!)
With all that gold on, dont get stole on
Old lady hold on, let the van roll on

(Mr. Heart)
In the van I see a hooker, she hitchin' for a ride
So I pulled over, and I let her inside
To the back of the van, straight dick to her jaw
When I'm done, I cut this bitches head off with a

(Mr. Diamond)
Somebody in a toy car behind me, flashin lights
Mr. Club tossed out a couple sticks'a dynamite
Blew the roof off the car, Its just a pig sittin on
I shot him in the fo-head, he squeals!


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