Guided Missiles Lyrics

(Mr. Heart)
Got my sights on the states, bout to blast one
Senda missile headed strait for Oregon Downtown where
the population overruns
Scopin out the whole world bouta have some fun
I can see the red carpet fulla pretty bitches
Gotta supermodel titties in my crosshairs
All ya'll bout to die man I don't care
Send my fireball bitch with the red hair
Guided missile, seek em all, blow em up
Anything with a rainbow's f**ked
I'm a bad man bitch, don't worry bout shit
Send a missile at your pussy with my bomb ass dick
No love f**k that, I want everybody dead
Hit the water supply, and fill it up with lead
Heat seekin out hotties with the Mr Heart missile
Can't kiss you, Soopa dick whipped you

Locked and loaded
Blow it up. Exploded.

(Mr. Diamond)
Guided Missiles
Enforced with diamond crystals
Shootin outta iced out pistols
Shiny, But I'm hard to hit
For them heat seekers I'm way to quick
I'm Blinding, Beyond one of a kind, I'm the Soopa
Villionaire, Mr. Diamond
Heartstoppa, I'm outbeamin the cop chopper
My light rays Remains for days (Shing!)
Caught em with the Diamond Dust,
One breath and they minds rust
Jet Boots People think I'm a shooting star
Till I suddenly explode they car
Don't aim at me, you'll only melt ya weapon
Burn a hole in ya eyeball, you bout to die yall
Guided missiles turn around and run
Where are your Heroez, It aint none

Locked and loaded
Blow it up. Exploded.

(Mr. Spade)
Seek n destroyin, Monsta murda employin
Bustin off the bazookas, Soopa Villain
Killin, the Unforgiven and the unwillin
I'm a Soopa Thug, Servin Soopa Drugs
Push a red button launch off the Soopa Scuds
I smoke Soopa Buds, Locked and loaded
So encoded, my whole brains coroded
Guided Missles encrypted and coded
Set to lock on everyone who voted
For the president, blow up your resident
Blow your ass to hell is all I eva meant
The Heat Seeka, The Grim Reapa
Pistols, Guided Missles, Send you 6 feet deepa
So while you bangin this, you know I'm dangerous
Your body stinks, extinct so watch me launch it

(Chorus x 2)
Locked and loaded
Blow it up. Exploded.

(Mr. Spade)
People of the planet Earth! You have all... You have
all been lied to, and decieved.
Turn to your neighbor. Kill them! Shed their blood! For
they are your true enemies!

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