Who Wants This Lyrics

Shake (Uh-huh) shake (Uh-huh)
Shake, shake, shake (Woo) shake, shake

[Chorus (x4) with various ad-libs]
Who wants this
Who wants this
Who wants this
Really, really wants this

Yo, yo girls I get em' now
Flows I spit em' now
Haters, I sit em' down
With the mack or the pound
Understand dog, I'm tryin' to get it all
I'm a pro at this, y'all just arena ball
Who wanna mess with me
Who wanna rock and roll and get it on with the black Elvis Presley
Keep that beat on new, you soon old news
Dude can freestyle but he can't recoop
What's the sense in that, a million off this track
We big dogs in rap, y'all just aristocats
Name ya price man
If I spit long enough at a white man he'll turn dark-skinned
That's how hot I get, so next time I spit
You'll wrap it up like you was Islamic
And get on all fours, listen up y'all
I only got one question, it's the chorus

[Chorus x4 with ad-libs]

Now watch how I do this
Crowd, I'ma move it
Teacher, I'm a school kid
Careers, I'ma ruin, rhymes so fluid
Tracks I abuse it
Right about now yo brain, you gon' lose it
Southstar is the name
With infrared aim
Fog up windows cause all I speak is flame
While y'all be playin'
I'ma change the game
Huh, faster than y'all can change lanes (WOO!)
Stay spittin' chrome
Stay splittin' domes
Take wives cause I'ma stay splittin' homes
Always gettin' hoes
Rap professional
Top vote getter, rap intro
Who better than I
Who want it with I
Only thing that I haven't done yet is die
Prepare for the song, remember you been warned
I destroy more blocks than atomic bombs

[Chorus x4 with ad-libs]

Here we go in the back again cause players gon' ball tonight
It's just Smilez and one Southstar, sho' nuff gon' get ya right
If ya wanna come test me now, be prepared for a hella fight
And if ya hurt or ya come too late cause y'all scared some
And y'all ain't ready, see y'all ain't ready

See we about to get paid
Wait till the song's played
Track so hot that you'll have it on ya two-way
f*ck what they all say, you gon' be like "no way"
You gon' like us so much you gon' turn gay

Yeah and I'm about cake
If you not then skate
Ya man flow like water, throw him in a lake
My rhymes cigarettes, I want more beverages
You miscarriagin' girl if you listenin'

Ha ha, leave ya wife stuck
f*ck ya life up
Is it really my fault that ya rhymes suck
Need I remind you no one gonna sign you
Hope you know Braille cause I'm about to blind you

Yeah, so get ya man okay
Before I get out weight
And make his whole damn body do the Harlem Shake
You don't want it with us, you don't want it with me
Smilez and Southstar fish out MC's
You don't want it with us, you don't want it with me
Southstar and Smilez, here for a while

[Chorus x4 with ad-libs]

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Record Label(s): 2005 2002 Trans Continental Records
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