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It's Time Lyrics

baby what the deal
time to keep it real
its 12 o clock, this ones hot
ready to sweat till the sunlight comes up

yo yo catch me in the club deep in the cut pollied it up
cruisin near the top desert colored wallies is tough
chumps mad cause chicks is lovin me up
mister smilez o.g 8s that whats up
watch you all
haters still watchin me ball as i hit the dance floor an suduce them all ever
they come prejudice not at all i got big funds girls
how i met um all lets go ma you feelin me lets not stall
you wanna get drunk game like hemmi and chrystal
get you sick let me see you work them hips get you all worked up
is you ready for this
lets leave this place
girl you know why you came twice my age but lady im twice the spay
keep burnin the floor up leavin them brods stuff
my dope chicks sepper dont touch nigga huh
(Repeat chorusx2)
southstars in the spot the party gettin jumpin
hit the bar now and ima start gettin drunk an hit the dance floor
vibe and move my feet
theres some cute honeys in there that im dyin to meet
they seen me when i pulled up and skipped this whole line
right up to this club is mine
shot of remmy straight up thats just to unwind
ready to party all night untill the sunshines
see everday im in a new club roll up in a new truck
ride around on new dubs keep um makin new bucks like what girl my game is mad
rude if you friend got a man ima kick game to you
and i know just after one line your leavin with me right give you such a good
time thats only for one night and look ma keep it on the low please dont tell
what my # naw i dont want you callin my cell
can i kick it?(yes you can)
can smilez leave in the club in the caravan?
with about 12 chicks in a caravan so funny you perform im leavin with your fan.
and you can catch southstar leavin in a benzo with my name on the plates so its
not a rental
20 inch rims,x box,t.v's in the dash best believe that tonight im getin some
and im out befor the bar close out with some dirty south chick that can put
more than 2 dicks in her mouth.
and im out with the new york mami just met her tonight damn and she already
callin me papi.
and i got her ass down on her knees you can believe that men with the shit is
stop wastin my time ma you know the deal you aint gettin no doe im just keepin
it real.

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Record Label(s): 2005 2002 Trans Continental Records
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