Always On My Mind Lyrics (feat. Tommy Fredvang)

(hook: Tommy Fredvang)
Baby i miss you
I can't stand the distance
Lost in the crowd, when your not around
I want you, i need you, I'm longing to feel you girl
Your always on my mind

(verse 1: Sirius)
She sits there looking at the pictures
Does he even miss her
She got suspicions
And the clock on the wall tick tocking so slow
All she wanna now is when he's coming home
But he's not picking up when she calls him
She can hear her alarms ring, its alarming
As the minutes go by she assumed the worst
That kind of thoughts that scars and truly hurts
She needs a calming voice that she knows so well
To answer and tell her everything is okey
Cuz, the shakes won't go away, her body shivering
Because the images start sinking in
The day comes to an end and she's given up
Cries herself to sleep, she's had enough
He's unavailable , she won't let it go
But then he sent her this words:


( verse 2: Sirius)
He's on the road again, he's always traveling
He misses home a lot, he misses having his…
Girl in her arms, but work always calls
He got to make the money
He doesn't have a choice
He wants the best for her
But sometimes he wonder:
When he's gone, is she really that honest?
Is she faithful? is she really mine?
Can i trust her, would she tell a lie?
Wish he could have called, but he ain't got the time
He got a lot on his mind and he can't set aside
And all the jealousy is irrelevant
Reeling up inside his head and spitting like venom
Its really killing him, the day comes to an end
He got missed calls, and realize their dealing with the same thoughts
He was unavailable, and she wouldn't let it go
So he sent her this words:


(bridge: Tommy Fredvang)
We just gotta work it out, work it out
Put your trust in me
We just gotta figure out, figure out
A way for us to breathe
We just got to hold on tight and make it right
Cause i don't wanna see that day wen we start
Slippin away, slippin away, slippin away, slippin away


(bridge: Tommy Fredvang and Sirius)
She sits there looking at the pictures… your always on my mind
And the clock on the wall tick tocking so slow… always on my mind
As the minutes go by she assumed the worst… always on my mind
But then he sent her this words… girl your always on my mind

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