Taliban Ties Lyrics

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Woke up in that Rolls-Royce, yeah, that Wraithy thang
One bullet, that's a head shot, bro got crazy aim
This a Hellcat, that's a Scat, we don't race the same
This a thigh pad, can't relate, you living day to day
It takes pape' just to make some pape'
Elevation takes separation, we creating space
Loose Cannon out of Chrome Heart, had to play the BAPE
Taliban ties, head wrapped and we came with K's
Used to drive a bucket, now I'm riding foreign
Chop hold a Wilt, new gen' Glock, Michael Jordan
Everything y'all do little, boy, our life enormous
Old school ShittyBoyz vibes, we ain't write a chorus

[Verse 2: TrDee]
Up before the rooster, cock-a-doodle-doo
You ain't got no money in yo pocket? She won't f*ck with you
Don't say it's on the floor 'cause now it's up with you
You don't get respect in yo hood like a substitute
Foreign lil' bitch, give her dick, make her teach me Spanish
I can tell he not from the way by how he acting friendly
Heard yo mans keep getting locked up, he a shitty bandit
Baby, I do not have a heart, I am not romantic
Real niggas in my circle, ain't no squares here
I'll put my dawgs on yo ass, they can smell fear
Neph' a bad boy like he Laimbeer
Bitch like, "They can't f*ck with you", I'm like, "Damn near"
Caught him in the whip, that was his last ride
I don't give a f*ck she got a nigga, I'ma still slide
Bitch caught me in the act and I still lied
No cap, unc' spot jumping like the old Clyde
[Verse 3: StanWill]
Skinny motherf*cker, Mike Amiris got the Lizzo pockets
Every single opp got sent to space, I got big ol' rockets
Come and get yo girl off my head, boy, yo bitch on noggin
I do credit fraud, lil' bro, he got rich off robbing
Three-five of, goddamn, this some toxic gas
Treat the opps like they Kim K., we done shot they ass
If it's on the floor, you gon' have to mop they ass
Side head better than my main, finna swap they ass
Yo bitch let me poke every night, I'm a porcupine Buffalo Cartis with the tint, not the dorky kind
Let him throw a one, hit his ass with a .45
How you rapping dog shit and you ain't seen more than five?
If yo mans fall down, better lift yo dawg
Reflective Off-White, spin around like a disco ball
Hit his bitch and liked his pic, finna piss bro off
Hunnid rounder, boy, this yop stick got the big ol' balls

[Verse 4: BabyTron]
Two thousand dollars on a winter coat
OT, riding 'round in a Sprinter blowed
Bitch tryna run off with the bag? Gotta get her gone
Glock with the flash, tryna crop you out the picture, bro
All this Bitcoin around like I'm Temple Running
Every piece fire, f*cked around, got the bezel flooded
One call'll get you gone, I'll press the button
Clip longer than a paragraph but it ends discussions
[Verse 5: TrDee]
Bring the beef to him like we DoorDash
She a bad bitch, p*ssy wet, make me cum fast
Then I got up and left, she was so mad
Don't mention my old hoes, I was down bad

[Verse 6: StanWill]
Any confrontation? We'll put the blick to him
The L's that I took back then? We don't mention them
Shoot yo shot to my bitch? You gon' miss the rim
f*ck a hunnid thousand, couple years, call me "Mister M"

[Verse 7: BabyTron]
Off-White hoodie with the scribbles and the big X
Triple S all on my pivot, this a big step
Unky in the kitchen whipping out a big reps
Pop out with a hunnid on me, this a big check

[Verse 8: TrDee]
Where was y'all wave riders three years ago?
Only need the money, I don't need a ho
Dawg said that he was getting money, I ain't seen it though
Bitch like, "I think you know my man", yeah, that's lil' bro

[Verse 9: StanWill]
I ain't got a thang for these hoes but some Oscar Mayers
Shoot his ass with the FN but the Glock retired
Let him do the running man, we gon' pop the buyer
Unc' tryna get rich off juice, he the Wock' supplier
[Outro: StanWill]
ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, that's on every song

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Songwriter(s): TrDee, StanWill, BabyTron
Record Label(s): 2022 TheHipHopLab Records
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