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Soul Bleed
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Soul Bleed Lyrics

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Finna let my soul bleed like the soles on my kicks
Off-White, I might O.D. putting on my drip
Expensive habits, eighty dollars, spent it on some shrimp
Rap star, riding incognito, hit the road with tint
Hutch shopper, had to go and rose gold the kit
Turning in, got Sprint looking like a dojo with bricks
Boss dinner, meet the whole gang and Fogo's at six
Hopping out with sticks looking like we pogo with blicks

[Verse 2: TrDee]
Redbone slim thick, she my Coi Leray
Heard a opp got dropped, hip-hip-hooray
Unc' been in the kitchen for a minute, he like Bobby Flay
I'ma do my thang 'cause they gon' hate a nigga anyway
Baby, I'm a star, you cannot treat me like them other lames
I'm not in FaZe, but she hatе that I be playing games
Had to tell hеr, "I can't cuff you 'cause you all the same"
Dripping like a faucet only 'cause I made it through the rain
[Verse 3: StanWill]
Turnt it up a notch 'cause they ain't hear your baby
I be moving smarter so these niggas can't get near your baby
Seven hunnid horses why I steer so crazy
I might throw a stack of dog shit where my ear located
Chilling in the 'burbs but my ears where the streets be
It's a dirty game, I can't let nobody cheat me
Scat Packing up the Lodge, nigga, beep-beep
'Miri's off the Goose, bet yo bitch let me beat cheeks

[Verse 4: BabyTron]
Unky got a birdy, swinging iron like he Tiger Woods
Hellcat'ing through the city left the tires cooked
New sauce for sale, 10k for the fire book
Nike tech off the Moncler, this how swipers look
Eighty dollar eighthy in the 'Wood, this how rappers smoke
Streets freezing, thousand dollars when I go to grab a coat
Streets freezing, left my veins cold like D'Angelo
Bitch a demon, pulled up and she snatch my soul

[Verse 5: TrDee]
Me and gang the greats, it's just something that you can't deny
She make me shiver, she a ten like she in junior high
Had to wait my turn, now I'm flyer than a butterfly
I just want the money, I'm just tryna make it multiply
Peeped the fake vibes, got away and said "I'm straight on that"
It's forever up when I see you, don't care where you at
You can prolly catch us with some sticks but we don't swing no bats
Give it to you but I'm not a snake, I cannot eat the cat
[Verse 6: StanWill]
I been all around the country, never been in last place
Bad hoes and Hellcats, I'm living life the fast way
Ain't no lover boy, I'm certified when I blast Drac'
Roach of Turtle Pie, that's thirty dollars in this ash tray
SB DSM, I gotta mention gang in every verse
I'm the alphabet, a different letter up on every shirt
If I ever meet a real bitch, she getting every purse
Before you ever throw a fist at me, you getting buried first

[Outro: StanWill]
Phew, yeah
ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, that's on every song

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Songwriter(s): TrDee, StanWill, BabyTron
Record Label(s): 2022 TheHipHopLab Records
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