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(Ooh shit, that's a Danny G beat)

[Verse 1: TrDee]
Play I just made won't make SportsCenter
I don't fight girls but I'm a whore hitter
Niggas start to see you win and act so bitter
Can't join a team unless you a for sure shitter

[Verse 2: BabyTron]
Glock hit him like it's Ed Reed but it ain't got a safety
SBs cost a touchdown, you still shop at Macy's
Want a verse? It's a max contract you gotta pay me
Slide down and play bully ball, shit, we got a baby

[Verse 3: StanWill]
Hand gang coordinate the blitz, he'll sack around
Treat your bitch like a warmup, she got passed around
5.45s in the K, this a faster round
Jason Voorhees, boy, your bitch let me stab her down
[Verse 4: TrDee]
You ain't never gon' win like Dak Prescott
Chain really dance, it's getting sturdy like it's Kay Flock
Only rule when applying pressure is you can't stop
You the type of nigga, hit the mall but do not shop

[Verse 5: BabyTron]
Play against us? Boy, I bet they'd quit by halftime
Unky got the blues and the yellow like the Fab Five
Feel like Dale Earnhardt, how the Lamb' drive
Go and check the score, bitch, we winning by a landslide

[Verse 6: StanWill]
Playbook full of scams, boy, I could coach this shit
Figure eights in the kitty cat got me motion sick
Puddle on my neck, wardrobe on some ocean shit
I be route running, all unc' know is potion mix

[Verse 7: TrDee]
Plugged in like a charger, call me "Keenan Allen"
Bitch wanna cake, talk late, I ain't Jimmy Fallon
But she a savage with that ass, she like Meg Thee Stallion
Dee got cheese like a pizza but he not Italian

[Verse 8: BabyTron]
Skating 'round, sticked up like the avalanche
Hunnid K's 'round, shit, we really know the Taliban
Mike Amiri Man, ten thousand, I'm just grabbing pants
I'm just Megatroning plays, in here stacking bands
[Verse 9: StanWill]
Fancy lil' bitch like her steak with some crème brûlée
Russian f*cker with a fully lever, not the standard K
Thinking, "Should I hit the booth or go and scam today?"
If she hop up in the Dodge, it's guaranteed I ram her, gang

[Verse 10: TrDee]
Bro been in the field but he ain't make it to the NFL
Ex bitch asked how I been doing and I told her well
Live it up, this karma want me to go to Hell
If it's up, I'll have them niggas on yo head like some gel

[Verse 11: BabyTron]
I'll have ahki pick him off like a bad pass
Finna do that once dance on they mad-ass
Good pint, running through them lines like a halfback
Star player, made a triple-double off of Cash App

[Verse 12: StanWill]
Playmaker, all I see is O's and X's (Ooh shit, that's a Danny G beat)
In the field with hit sticks, we be toting weapons
No cap, got a thing for them clothes with X's
Hunnid shots, if they slide with you, get yo bros ejected

[Outro: StanWill & BabyTron]
ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, that's on every song

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Songwriter(s): TrDee, StanWill, BabyTron
Record Label(s): 2022 TheHipHopLab Records
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