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Sound Off
Sha Stimuli


Sound Off Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You better than who?
Rhyming and rapping 'bout doe that you stacking like that shit is new
Talking 'bout how you go in
You the truth, so the f*ck what stupid? I do it too,
f*ck it I'm gassed you smelling the fumes
Horror flick music that tells you you doomed,
Play my CD for a bunch of emcees they start sucking they teeth and then exit the room,
Inside your system it's better than food,
Pardon me I don't make regular moves
Passive demeanor like Abner Louima, but I will Katrina you rapping ass fools,
Ask about me
Cats say I'm cool
Yet I'm still hot
When attacking the booth
Women will tell you I'm shallow and rude
Yet they still pick me if they have to choose,
What does that say? Yea they complain but they holla my name when they get in that mood
Look in my eyes I'm a passionate dude, serious song but I'm laughing at you,
What do I do? Take your spouse to Satan's house, easy as hell
Devilish grin, deep in my spell
See what I'm saying, you feel it like Braille,
Damn I got chicks jumping for joy
Happy meal don't come with a toy
Why would you think you could f*ck with the boy
I come to destroy, you uttering noise
Slick with my diction, I'm painting these pictures
I'm sick of u sleeping it gets me annoyed
Yea I admit it, I'm losing my poise,
You stealing my joy I need to turn your
Sound off 1, 2
Sound off 3, 4
Sound off 1, 2, 3, 4 five hundred thousand rappers rapping and sometimes I wanna drown y'all
Pound y'all
Praying for my downfall
[Verse 2:]
I could run for 8 miles spitting like rabbit
Biting my shit, I hope y'all ain't rabid
Wile E Coyote I'm trying to rope me some dinner my mission done made me an addict,
Crazy please don't straighten my jacket
Sorry I keep on making a racket
Now I'm like Federer, I just get better with
Time and no editor, coach or no practice damn
Sometimes I look into my past lives,
I see royalty, enlightenment and bad wives,
I see violent streaks and hide and seek with mad knives
Ready to ride, act like you live, get stuck in your side, flash drive
Anti-backpack, this ain't no lyrical, typical flow
It's intricate syllables spiritual though,
This is that shit when you hear it you know,
Fear it get scared and then look in the mirror like 'why am I here Jesus where should I go? '
I would say jump, God would say no, I would say punk, thought you was bold,
I should go slow
But when I do y'all f*ckers still complain
My Soul To Keep was not the same
Bragging and boasting and tossing out flames,
Maybe I'm wack, could I be lame, or am I simply defining my lane?
f*ck it I'm f*ckin up duke that you loving, I act like I'm humble don't mumble my name
Scream that shit, S-T-I
Scream that shit S-T-I
Crawling, walking, let me fly
Talking often, M-C-I
Balling, flossing, envy I
MaCauley Calkin, they left me to die
But I live, concrete rose, I stomp these foes bitch still I rise
Copping checks
Getting new deals
Stop for rest
Fix me a meal
Not the best but I give what I feel
Das Efx riggedy real
Shigedy Sha stigedy Stim
Only your God is bigger than him
Holy water mix it with gin
This isn't the end you cannot turn my

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Record Label(s): 2010 Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes
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